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    New to CCC

    I've been reading this forum for the last six months so I figure it's about time that I contribute.

    I am a T11 complete as a result of a mountain bike crash almost a year ago. I spent about 3 months at Craig hospital before being released back into the wild. Currently I live with my (new) fiance in Highlands Ranch, Co. But we are about to move to Pittsburgh in July. Just before I got hurt we were planning on moving there so that I could start the MBA program at Carnegie Mellon (CMU). After I was injured CMU graciously deferred my acceptance for a year. It was a hard decision to leave Colorado this time, but I really wanted to attend the school, and I knew I would regret it if I didn't. I am pretty nervous about moving to a new town (I grew up in Co), especially one so old, and we have run into many problems finding accessible housing. I am hoping everything will work itself out before classes start in August though.

    As for me, I am doing well. Initially after my injury I struggled with really bad back pain as a result of poor posture. Urinary incontinence has also plagued me. I have a combination of a UMN and LMN injury which gives me a very flacid bladder and stress incontinence. For a while every transfer I did or any time I strained down would cause me to leak. This totally prevented me from getting the excercise I wanted and made me fearful of going out in public. I had a few durasphere injections (similar to collagen) which didn't make that much of a difference. A few months ago I had the male sling procedure dont which has made a dramatic improvement (although I still have problems when I sneeze or go into a coughing fit).

    I think I am doing well, there are good days and bad days..
    I am looking forward to my first post-injury vacation this summer, my fiance and I are going to Vancouver at the end of june. I am excited to see the sights and do some kayaking.


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    Welcome to CC. You may find this site somewhat crazy and addictive. Good luck with your move and schooling.

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    Hello and welcome to CC - sorry you had to seek us out but very glad you found us !
    It is bar none one of the best sites on the net for all aspects of dealing with sci .... you do sound like you're on the right track though and I wish you both all the best with the move, school ... and everything !!

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    Welcome to CCC! How wonderful that you will be starting the school that you had to defer at the time of your accident. I am sure you will find housing. I live in one of the old, old New England states and they are certainly available, although it just maybe takes a little more looking.

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    Welcome alkaline! Great group of people here. You're so fortunate your school deferred your acceptance! I wish you all the best in your move and getting settled.

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    thanks for all the kind words..

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    Welcome alkaline. I'm sure you'll kick ass in school. Good luck friend, we're always here
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    Welcome to Care Cure, there is an incredible amount of information here and the best support network on the planet.

    If you're going to Pittsburgh by way of Indiana, give a shout, we're in Indy (my 16 year old son is an L1). Might as well see some smiling faces and get some good food from the SCI community on your way.

    Sounds like you are doing well. I'd be interested in hearing how college goes for you. My son is just now looking around for undergrad work and is eager to make the transition from high school to college.

    Best wishes.
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    I too am a T11 complete it's been 8 months since i was injured. The CCC is great fun to learn, argue and have fun. My main concern from my own recall is how you are coping mentally and physically with this condition. In time if you adapt to regular eating times and BP you will be able to manage. The best option i have is an intermit cath which i do 4 times a day regular timing too. Mentally i admit still not there but improving.

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