The Senate Finance Committee hearing on the Institutional Bias in long term care (MiCASSA, Money Follows the Person and more) is April 7th, 10:00 AM, Room 215, Dirkson Building, Washington, DC.

Here are ways YOU can help.

1) ATTEND the hearing! Bring a friend! Arrive at least an hour to 90 minutes early, space will be limited in the hearing room, although an overflow room will be provided.
2) If you can't attend, SUPPORT/sponsor someone's attendance, contact your local ADAPT ( ), Center for IL ( ) or self advocacy group.
3) SEND the Senate Finance Committee your written testimony (doesn't need to be long). Just tell them why we need MiCASSA (S. 971) and Money Follows the Person (S 1394), and why we need to end the institutional bias; it can be your personal story or a short explanation of why you care. Your statement should be typewritten, single-spaced, not exceeding 10 pages in length. Title (Money Follows Person) and date of the hearing (April 7, 2004), and your full name and address or your organization's must appear on the first page of the statement. Statements must be received no later than TWO weeks following the conclusion of the hearing. Statements should be mailed to:

Senate Committee on Finance
Attn. Editorial and Document Section
Rm. SD-203
Dirksen Senate Office Bldg.
Washington, DC 20510-6200

VERY IMPORTANT: Send ADAPT a copy at or 1339 Lamar SQ DR #101 Austin, TX 78704 We can use these for the future, but only if we get a copy. Also send your members of Congress a copy.

4) CONTACT your Senator and urge them to attend the hearing! Show them folks from your state care and want him/her to attend.
5) MEET with your Senator ( ) in your home state during the Senate's upcoming recess, which begins April 9, 2004.


Senator Blanche Lincoln AR, 202/224-4843
Senator Jon Kyl AZ, 202/224-4521
Senator Bob Graham FL, 202/224-3041
Senator Charles Grassley (IA), Chairperson 202/224-3744
Senator Jim Bunning KY, 202/224-4343
Senator John Breaux LA, 202/224-4623
Senator John Kerry MA, 202/224-2742
Senator Olympia Snowe ME, 202/224-5344
Senator Trent Lott MS, 202/224-6253
Senator Max Baucus (MT), Ranking Minority Member 202/224-2651
Senator Kent Conrad ND, 202/224-2043
Senator Jeff Bingaman NM. 202/224-5521
Senator Don Nickles OK, 202/224-5754
Senator Gordon Smith OR, 202/224-3753
Senator Rick Santorum PA, 202/224-6324
Senator Thomas Daschle SD, 202/224-2321
Senator Bill Frist TN, 202/224-3344
Senator Orrin G Hatch UT, 202/224-5251
Senator Jim Jeffords VT, 202/224-5141
Senator John D Rockefeller WV, 202/224-6472
Senator Craig Thomas WY, 202/224-6441