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    Dear Voter,

    Last week a group of advocates for people with disabilities met with Democratic National Committee (DNC) chair, Terry McAuliffe, Becky Ogle and other staffers to discuss the election, disability issues and increasing participation of people with disabilities in the political process.

    A list of key contacts who want to get involved is being developed. If you're interested and live in AR; AZ.; DE.; FL.; IA.; LA.; ME.; MI.; MN.; MO.; NH; NM.; NV.; OH.; OR.; PA.; TN.; WA.; WI or WV, please email me TODAY at so that I can forward your name to Becky.



    Alexander Wood
    25 Broad Street, 5K
    New York, NY 10004
    T: 212/509-2313
    F: 212/509-2314

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    Tim, thanks for posting this. It is really important that people with disability become more involved in politics. So many of the decisions made in Washington have impact on the lives of people and families with disabilities. Wise.

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