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Thread: who makes the best microphone for Dragon dictate?

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    who makes the best microphone for Dragon dictate?

    I use a regular microphone stand with a cheap radio shack microphone. It has always worked ok, but recently fell, broke and I know there must be something better.

    Also I use a very old version of Dragon dictate (3.0). I have tried newer versions, 8 and 9 I believe. Although the dictation was much better and faster, I've always found the mouse commands are much better on the older versions. ( when the application was designed for disabled people, not lawyers and doctors secretaries). Anyone else agree?

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    I also still use DragonDictate 3.0 for exactly the same reason, and even bought a backup laptop with Windows XP so I won't have to switch to Vista and NaturallySpeaking anytime soon.

    I use a "Emkay USB sound pod", which is basically an external sound card that digitizes the sound, and any old cheap headset microphone I pick up at Best Buy. Unfortunately that doesn't help you much as I believe it's been discontinued, but there are other USB sound cards on the market which might do the trick.

    I also started a site called The Last Dragons for us DragonDictate holdouts in case anyone is interested.

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    I use this Andrea headset. It works really well and is fairly comfortable to use, not to mention it is cheap so it's easy to replace if necessary.
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    I have used both the Blue Parrot B1000 GTX from VXI and the Senhauser BW 900. Both work very well but I think I will give the edge to The Senhauser.

    To use the senhauser I bought something that allowed me to hook the microphone to the telephone r computer called the zoom switch. I only use it for the computer part but others may want to use it for their telephone.

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