Wal mart is giving away 20 billion for education in an attempt to change the cultures in America. They are doing this by educating the children that might not other wise get a good educaton.

I think that this is only a half solution, I would think that investments into teaching children to (research) and help the ill and handicapped. This would give the children a gratifying goal to help improve the life circumstances of the ill and handicapped thru researh. Of course, the more the teachers (scientists, researchers know) the better the education in giving.

Article ~ The link doesn't appear to be working very well, so go to business section and hit the ALL link at the bottom, then hit the Wal mart link there, and hit the purple link about this subject. Wal-Mart heirs pour riches into education reform

Teaching values of helping others will in turn be helping themselves, their friends, family, and loved ones. How else will we shorten our days of degradation.


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