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Thread: First steps in a year

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    Smile First steps in a year

    Well it hasnt even been a whole year yet and I walked for the first time with KAFOs and a walker. It wasnt very far, but im just pumped i was able to do it at all.
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    So very cool!!! Keep us updated how you progress.

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    Way to go Kimmel. Keep up the walking in the walker. I finally got the KAFO going and did it with wrist braces.
    You go guy, you'll be chasing the girls too soon.

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    Congratulations,hope it only progresses!

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    Holy crap! Good for you man.

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    Good stuff Kimmel
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    WTG Kimmel!

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    Thats awesome!!!!!!! Keep it up!!!!!!!

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    Great stuff man!!

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    Pretty soon you'll be chasing down the hotties in no time!

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