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Thread: If you could?

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    If you could?

    If you could live 200 more years but you would have to do it in a wheelchair would you? you would stay healthy but stay in a wheelchair the rest of your years.
    If so what would you look forward to? what wouldnt you? For people that have contemplated suiced would the extra time make it easier?
    for me i would chose to just think of the future wheelchairs maybe flying ones.
    just a thought

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    hmmm interesting............ so you would be completely healthy and just be in the chair? Are you exempt from any complications from the use of the chair or do those still exist?

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    Fuck no and a thousand times no.
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    nope same life just healthy for 200 years same uti's same bp all that just 200 years more
    p.s. you can put your own spin on this

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    No, after 39 years I am bored of SCI. It stops me from doing too many things and my life is boring. I would like to work, to have a boyfriend and go and visit people and places. All the fun things in life.
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    nope no way
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    1000 times NO THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!

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    I am the best at being me. No matter how that happens to be!!

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    i barely could stand 20 more years let alone 200
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    I'm high function Cauda Equina but have severe pain issues, I wouldn't even do it.

    SCI has taken all that I am.


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    I'd have to say hell yeah! Plenty of time for do over's. More time for Technology to evolve. Think of it. You could see the good and the bad. With 200 years I's save like mad and fianlly see all the world. Write books of my travels and woo all the women I could. And yeah do it all from my chair SP/Ostomy the works! As long as they have beer in the future.


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