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Thread: Help with bowel care.

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    Help with bowel care.

    My husband was injury occurred on 4/25/09. We are still in Inpatient rehab at Frazier Rehab. He is a T12 complete. We are having a really hard time with his bowel program. He is currently taking colase and miralax twice a day. We do his bowel program everynight around 7:00. It's about 45 minutes after he eats supper. He lays on his side and I check for any stool, then I insert the enenmes, we wait about 25 minutes and then I do dig stem. He then transfers to a regular toilet, waits 15 mins and I dig stem him again. We do this for what seems like FOREVER. It starts hurting his back sitting there so long. He is sooooo frustrated. Can anyone tell me why it takes so long and we are still not seeing any results. They have done a scan/x-ray on his stomach to see if he is impacted but it showed clear. Any advice. Thanks

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    IF his poop is coming out hard, add fiber to his diet along with magnesium citrate. Walmart sells fiber capsules and your husband could add one capsule with breakfast and one with dinner. Same with magnesium citrate.

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    Hello Darrels Wife,
    Thanks for being there for your husband. So sorry to hear he's having such a hard time with his BP. Have you tried the Magic Bullet suppository at all? Since his injury is new it might behoove him to have colostomy surgery. I have known of others that have an SCI that had the surgery early on after being hurt & they said it's the best decision they ever made. It will free you both up w/having to go thru what you both have been experiencing every night after he has eaten his dinner. There's no shame having a bag hanging on his belly. No one will ever now unless he chooses to tell them that he has a colostomy Check out the United Ostomy Association ( web site which has a FORUM. Also do a GOOGLE search on this site & type in Colostomy & it will direct you to all the threads on Colostomy's.
    I've been experiencing bowel problems for a long time myself & I might wind up having the surgery myself. I've been diagnosed with redundant colon in other words I have more colon then I really need so it has slowed down the motility of my bowels. Keep us all posted here on how your both making out. I'm sure others here will chime in. You can always direct your question to the SCI Nurses & to Dr. Wise Young the developer of this fantastic site.

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    Its all starts that way(at least for me), i sat on the throne for a an hour sometimes longer(still do). 1 stool softener 2 laxatives daily and a magic bullet when its time. Dairy products daily and warm drink before i go helps. Bowels is the biggest stress.
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    How about a raised, padded toliet seat? Would that take the strain off his back while he's sitting? It helps me pass the time if the TV is on where I can get lost in it rather than focus on the time I'm sitting.

    As to helping him "go"... well, that's all about finding the right combo of fiber and water in his diet. Most SCI's process food slower so what goes in today, might not come out until 3 days from now... or 20 minutes from now depending on how you're regulatated. Some folks have good luck adding Activia or flax seed to their diets. I'm sure one of the nurses will be by here to elaborate.

    Also, unless there is some additional issue other than his SCI, at his level, he can and should do his own bowel care. That's a major step to independence. There are reachers, wipers, etc to help if his ROM is compromised in some way.

    good luck.
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    takes a while to get it right, i'm the opposite of most, i take no fibre, no pills etc, maybe one calcium/vitamin D pill before lunch, don't drink nothing but pepsi's all day, do my BP tuesday and friday morning when I wake up, but i'm 31 years post, c8, sure the beginning was this easy
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    Flaxseed oil added to his diet should help against constipation without giving him watery stools.

    I sit in my shower chair/commode, insert magic bullet (although I hear emineze works faster) eat breakfast, drink hot liquid beverage (coffee!!) and presto.

    (ok ok takes about 30-45 minutes but still.)
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    On Tuesday, ask your Doctor if your husband might have a lower motor neuron bowel. If
    so, suppositories and dig stim will be of no use. The answer will be dietary modification, Fibercon and rectal vault evacuation.

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    My daughter is T12, functional level L1. In rehab (left rehab 12/23/08) she would have temper tantrums because they would leave her in the bathroom so long. When we got home we tried what they said, but the magic bullet didn't seem to do much. Instead of making her sit so long I just removed the stool and got her off the toilet as fast as possible. The magic bullet made her stomach hurt and really didn't do much of anything. After being evaluated at Kennedy Krieger we found that she doesn't have a reflex, is flaccid and why the magic bullet really wasn't working. They confirmed that just removing the stool was the way to go and keep her somewhat constipated so she doesn't have accidents. Since then she hasn't had any accidents. She is now doing her own bp daily most days and still hasn't had an accident.

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    At t12 why isn't he doing it on his own?

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