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Thread: adi board rewax

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    adi board rewax

    my adi needs rewaxed, even pledge isnt working./ 2 days in a row i almost bit garage floor. im just not sliding, im sticking to it. so its just sliding over w/ me. not good...........

    i never need to replace it this fast. its only 1.5 yo.

    ideas on rewax?? rep
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    maybe glide wax? i used it on my skis pre-injury.

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    also... are you sure you're sticking to it? what're you wearing? I have a few pairs of shorts that get caught on the edge of the board if I don't position it well, so when I move the shorts pull the board with me... this has only happened getting out of my car.

    might want to double-check that or your technique. just a thought. the ADI board I keep in my car is > 10yrs old & I rarely slick it up. It's well-beaten but still does the job.

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