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Thread: First Steps!!!

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    First Steps!!!

    Yesterday, with the aid of a LiteGait, my son walked 60 feet. This is only his second time in the LiteGait. The first 15 minutes was spent shifting his weight from left to right. The next 15 minutes was also in the LiteGaite with Ace Bandages wrapped around his feet and the PT's picking his feet up and down on the treadmill. BUT.. the last 30 minutes in the LiteGait was HIM walking (only nwith the PT slowly progressing the frame forward)!!!!! He did this for about 30' and was asked if he needed to rest, he replied, "no, let's go" and they turned him around and he did another 30' back across the room.

    Dang, we are so thrilled and super duper excited about his future. I would just love to stop by TIRR, Houston and say, "WE TOLD YOU SO"!!!!!
    FAITH: Is not believing God can, but knowing he will.

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    That's great. What level of injury is your son. My fiancé is a c4, c5,c6.. But he has alot of muscle fireing. He was also part of TIRR Houston. And they said he will never walk again and I too want to say I told you so.. You go girl..

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    Faithful...You guys better go back there and show off. It will be worth the gas money. Those doctors need to get out of the dark ages. That is beautiful...nothing better! Congrats and so happy for you guys...can't wait for our turn!
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    Faithful, I'm thrilled to hear about your sons progress.

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    thats is so wonderful iam happy for you but just abit jealous .congrats

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    nmlingus: My son is t-12 and 6 months post and according to TIRR, he's ASIA A Complete. NOT!!!! He regained his hip flexors a couple of months ago and his ab and aductors about 3 weeks ago. Praise God!!!
    FAITH: Is not believing God can, but knowing he will.

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    This is such great news! I hope he continues to progress.
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    SCORE ! !! Keep up the good work, and I do mean work. Rehab now, gym later,you CAN do it! ! Good news

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    Thanks everyone and congratulations on your steps too JenJen. We just got back from PT and once again in the LiteGait, he took about 60 steps. They ace bandaged his feet to prevent foot drop and the only thing the PT did was lock his knees for him. They had a guy in there evaluating him to determine what type of KAFO's he'll need and he was quite impressed with his hip flexors and the resistance. For me, I was surprised that his gait seemed so smooth and his stride was long despite not having braces!! IT WAS AMAZING, GOD IS SO GOOD! Gosh, if TIRR hadn't jacked us around he would have been doing this a month or two ago.
    FAITH: Is not believing God can, but knowing he will.

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