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Thread: Pulte Home builders

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    The only thing I'm not real happy about is they are completing the home a lot faster than was on schedule and want me to close soon. They originally told me in September, then August. Just got a message on friday they want me to close now and I'm really not ready to do so, have a lot of other stuff going on and it was not in my plans to close until later this summer. I dont need the place until after October anyhow, not sure whats gonna happen now. I guess I shoulda put in writing that the deal was not to close until after September. I dunno, maybe they can use it as a model or something until then?.
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    ACK! Curt, have you seen the colors and wall papers they use in models? They look great because they are based on making the most of daytime light with shades open. Subconsciously they remind people of interiors on TV. You could wind up with Blanche's house from the Golden Girls. I experimented with a rather deep, bright color in the computer/office room and primer is not as cheap as paint salesman make it out to be when they tell you that painting is the cheapest way to redecorate. Just be prepared if you try that route.

    There was no contracted finish date to get your mortgage? Any problems, I'd like to know because this is the last "used" house for us. :-)
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