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Thread: I'm tired of this #$%&-ing pain!!!!

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    Dejerine, thanks for taking the time to explain the pain mechanism and for the links. That's very helpful

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    feel like I'm being flayed alive today AARRGGHHHHH

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    This pain is unreal , today and yesterday hell mostly everyday is hell.. no relief just various degrees of burning hell last two days unbareable .....I want more life..not this miserable pain sucking the life out of me...

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    it's just crazy there is no good med to treat this with... only more problems.. coping is at best they only thing and that's really shitty option..

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    day three extreme burning hell... sucks..

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    Thanks dejerine, I've been gone again. I come here when it hurts so bad I need to vent, and sometimes it hurts so bad, you aren't able to vent. I like the description of the grocery bag and it's weight, very much. I don't think I've ever heard it done better, or clearer than that!

    I feel very much for ket and others like cowboys place that are having so much trouble coping. My spouse is much the same way. He has had diabetic neuropathy longer than I can remember, and much of the time I was AB, and did not have a clue what he was talking about. I've learned a lot the past few years though, as my pain caught up to his, and then past his......he still thinks his the worst, and who am I to say that, to him, it isn't.

    I've come to believe that no two of us have the exact same pain, and no two of us have the exact same results with pain medications. So it stands to reason that no two of us have the same results for whatever we try in coping with the pain. You do the best you can finding something that will make you forget it, for a time. It never goes away. And it's a big struggle finding something, anything that will do this for you. For me, I started out, and continue, to write postcards to whoever wants them every four to six weeks, or so, depending on my supplies. Then I've also started sewing again too, whenever I can get my mind past the pain, and sometimes I just go do it, and can manage, but there are times it doesn't work. But I don't give up, or in to it. Ket has his art.....and is very good. People like dejerine and arndog are smart and study the pain research. Something I don't understand until they break it down into layman terms. I'm sure there are other things they do too to, as you put it, cowboys place, to cope. That's something you have to find for yourself. We all cope in different ways. Sometimes I just sit here and write. Most of the time I just do it for myself and if it's on the computer, I delete it, and if it's in my notebook, I throw it away. I don't always concentrate well. Most of the time I have the tv on, the computer is on right next to me, and I have my writing material here too.

    I've often wished I could sketch or draw or anything artistic. My mother had this talent, plus all things sewing, and playing the piano. None of us got all three from her. I was blessed with the sewing, at least part of it, I never got the part with the knitting needles, crochet hook, or tatting. Just the sewing machine and some of the piano playing. One sister got sewing, another got the art, and another got all of the sewing and some of the piano........

    Find what you have, and cope with it. If nothing else, write for yourself. It doesn't have to be good. The Lord knows mine isn't, and I have no idea what to even do with it, how to write, so I throw it away when I've finished. But it gives me something to do for awhile.

    Been having trouble the past few days, I burned myself, again, on the stove while cooking. I have two holes from touching the electric coil on the stove, on my finger on my left hand. I'm just glad it wasn't my right hand! Yesterday it was so red around them I was afraid they were becoming infected, but I think it was just from bumping them open all the time. I don't feel them, so I've tried to be more careful and remember to put silvadene cream on them too. They don't look as red this morning and looks like the holes have dried over too. There are storms around us today. None right here, but they don't have to be for me to hurt from them........

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    Smokymountain - you write and express yourself very well. I think your post will help someone. It is wisdom from someone who has had Central /SCI related neuropathic pain for a very long time.

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    2 in the morning - I have awoken to a searing violent stabbing pain that hits every 30- 40 seconds in my left foot. It is breathtaking, rapid onset, feels like an ice pick is pressed into the deep tissues of the sole of the foot and pulled backwards to my heal.Everything stops when it hits - I stop typing, stop breathing, it lasts for 4 seconds- it is not compatible with sleep.
    I am on antibiotics for a UTI so I have that covered. The barometer is level, so I can't blame it on that. I took a foley out last night, and will go back to IC for a while to give the urethra a break - could that have triggered this? Not enough exercise, too much exercise? Too much sitting yesterday? Didn't have any alcohol. I have no clue why this is happening. Haven't had this in a while this bad with this frequency. It is in the sole of my foot - not the toes - over and over. There is really no med that would make this go away other than a general anesthetic. I should break MJ's physician out of jail for some help - with a respiratory therapist standing by though.

    Wanted to get up at 6 and go to work, I am going to be one hung over cat today. If it doesn't stop, I will not be functional. But maybe it will go away. I will tell you what- before SCI - I couldn't imagine something this horrible and cruel. I guess if my leg had a big old abscess/infection, it might hurt like this but there would be signs of a problem that is solvable. Here, there is no explanation or solution that I can come up with it other than distract and endure. Hence my rambling.

    Now for the explicatives - ouch, arrgh. F***,…. Where is Penny (THC), I hope she is resting in peace. What a nice person to lose. She couldn't have been that old……….

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    Arndog I feel for you, that pain sounds terrible. As for what causes the various pains to get worse and better, so you think there really is some outside cause, or does it just come and go willy nilly, on its own. I have tried different things to see if any life style changes, or anything else will help, so far no luck. A week ago I was taking opiates, which I hate because they give my terrible side affects, and today with a storm coming its about the best it gets.
    A couple of months ago I had it so bad, my body went into a state of shock, and yesterday my legs actually felt wonderful, more then pain free, like a warm glow. Sure would be nice if a guy could turn one into the other. If a person could figure that out they would be rich.
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    Arn you forgot the Betheny special explicative: Fuck, fuck, fuckity fuck. Dang, I feel for you buddy, stay strong and trustfully it'll get better.

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