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Thread: I'm tired of this #$%&-ing pain!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by arndog View Post
    is nuvigil something you sell? What exactly is it? Does it help with pain?
    It is a prescription medicine so it is not some MLM like product. The poster should be taken with a grain of salt.

    - Low post count
    - The "blog" has 2 posts from 2009
    - Commercial link in the second post.

    If it wasn't a prescription medicine I would have removed it as spam. Such as it is I can't see how the poster would benefit from advertising it so I haven't.

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    I haven't been here in a very long time. Big mistake, this is the place I need to be to vent. Among people that understand pain 24/7, and not making people that care for you want to avoid you if for no other reason than not being able to help you!

    I am so tired of sleeping most of the time! Before the pain meds, I hardly ever slept, now I can't seem to control it! The pain was so bad without the pain meds, I can't imagine not taking them, but I'm frustrated that I feel exhausted all of the time! In my other life, before sci, I use to sleep four or five hours and be good to go! I worked a full time job over forty hours a week, did all of the outside work at home, and did all of the cooking and cleaning at home while my husband worked long hours driving truck. When he wasn't driving, we ran around together and enjoyed each other's company. Since sci everything has changed, my husband had to change his job and drive for a local company earning much less, I'm unable to work away or at home more due to pain than my paralysis, and now even with the pain not as intense, I can't stay awake long enough most of the time to get any projects done at home! It's hard to get myself out of this chair between the pain, exhaustion, and falling asleep! Simple jobs, well they were simple when I was ab, just overwhelm me now, and I just can't seem to get anything done. I'm sitting here looking at the room knowing the things that need doing would have only taken me an hour before, and I can't get the parts I can still do done in a day! I have no balance so many simple jobs I'm like a monkey doing a math problem! I can't get up on my step stool and wipe down the cupboards, I crash and burn, I have trouble even wiping down the frig due to the balance issue. The big house still isn't finished, so living in this tiny cabin has major storage issues, that isn't helping matters......

    I've finally taken all of my pain meds for the morning, so I've got two or three hours to get things done before the grandson gets here! He's a good, smart boy and is in Junior High this year. Somewhat high maintenance due to being mildly Autistic. He will expect me to watch him play his xbox games and interact with him. Believe me, he knows if I'm not paying attention! There will be no sleeping while he is here, he will make sure of that! Which has got to be the reason I get so exhausted when he is here, and it takes so long to recover after he's gone.

    I guess my venting is done for now. If I would have done it with my husband, the first thing he would say is don't have the grandson come anymore. I would hate that, one of these days my grandson is going to think he is too old to go see grandma. I think he would have already if he weren't Autistic, but because of that he isn't as mature as most thirteen year olds. What's funny is in some areas he is more mature than some of his counterparts! Like when it comes to making fun of people. Which worries me because I worry about him at school. Makes me think he knows first hand what it's like to be made fun of. He';s also over weight too, and I can remember what kids are like at that age! They can really be mean, but he says he's okay. Just from talking to him, I know he eats lunch by himself most of the time, but I know he isn't very social and his parents do nothing to help correct that problem. He's one of the reasons I wish I could still drive, I would take him places and try to get him involved in doing things. I would take him bowling, to the Rec Center and take swimming lessons, and whatever else I could think of that he could do........ Whether or not anyone listens, I've been able to gripe, which we all need to do at times.....

    Storms have been all around us which makes my pain more intense. The more days with storms, the worse my moving gets, and this week has been terrible. I've gotten nothing done, it's Friday and my grandson is coming for the night. He comes to us every Friday night, and I feel blessed that he still enjoys coming and spending the time with us. The problem with that is that it will wear me out! I'll be worn out the rest of the weekend and most of the time through Monday. I've tried to turn Monday into laundry day giving me three days of the week to get other things done, but like this week with all of the storms, it just didn't work out. I get so frustrated not getting any work done in the house. I get so frustrated depending on my husband to do the outside work, and our ideas of what needs done are not the same! I loved doing it and according to him, did more than was needed. I, on the other hand, think he does just enough to get by! I so wish I could get out there this spring and get things weeded neatly and mulched. I bought the mulch last year thinking maybe we could get it done, but the mulch is still on the front porch in the bags! lol Maybe this year, if it's any good, and then there's my screened in porch that he's used once again to store things on! It's not as bad as last year, but there is work to be done!

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    I'm sorry things are overwhelming, SMM. If the meds have you sleeping too much, it may be time for an adjustment to your pain management program. Take all of your meds with you next visit to the doc, tell her/him what is happening and ask for help controlling your pain without being anesthetized in full.

    Is there any chance you are not getting enough oxygen when you breathe and that is causing your fatigue and sleepiness?

    When it comes to your grandson, is it possible for him to visit in smaller doses? Perhaps he could come for an afternoon and not an overnight. What about continuing the visits and shortening the length of time he is there?

    Find what works for you and try until it starts to be "right" for you. The new normal we have, even if years in the making, can be a bitter pill to swallow when compared to our former selves.

    Have you used paratransit there? It could be a way for you and your Grandson to go places together.

    Thinking of you and hoping for better days ahead!

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    To be honest, I've thought about saying something at the pain clinic, but my fear is they will give me less, and the pain is still pretty intense........and I don't know if I could take it. I try to skip a dose whenever I can. It helps sometimes, but I do have breathing issues and heart issues, so it may not even be from the meds. I'm do for my yearly check up soon with the heart doctor, and just had my six month check up with my family doctor, and he found nothing. Said my lungs sounded good, and oxygen level was good. I've notice in the last year that my blood pressure is lower than it use to be, but no on seems concerned about it. It use to be almost always 116/70 and for the past year is often 92/54.

    Believe it or not, I did cut back the time I keep the grandson. It did help.

    I don't think we have paratransit here, at least I'm not aware of it. Thanks for thinking of me LaMem........I hope there are better days ahead for us all!

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    I'm glad you are finding a better balance with your grandson's visits.

    Be honest with your pain management doctor and tell her/him what you wrote above. You fear you cannot handle the pain if the amount is reduced. Let them know you are falling asleep during the day.

    Here's a link for you about paratransit service in your area. It appears there is door to door service there and that should include you, too. Let me know how it goes for you when you talk with them, okay? If you need any help with anything, let me know.

    ~ ME
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    6 shooter

    Very glad your son's rotator cuff pain was helped. The people here at this thread typically have something different from other pain, and often very much more severe. Their pain is called Central Pain. The medical literature and guides from National Institutes of Health do not indicate that magnetic molecular energizer helps Central Pain. Those who have CP would gladly drag themselved to a magnet by their fingernails or their teeth and stay there for a year if there were hope of cure. Those with CP are used to well intentioned people suggesting remedies and most of us have exhausted our minds and our resources trying to find relief, but it is elusive and sometimes heartbreaking to pursue.

    Sometimes a well intentioned offer of treatment can seem like a taunt to those who have already tried everything. Those with Central Pain can feel their agony is trivialized by suggestions of treatments for ordinary pain. Two different things, although both are types of physical (and mental) suffering. To experience nerve injury pain, one might ask a doctor to inject capsaicin under the skin. Short of that, which produces a MINOR variant of Central Pain dysesthesia in a very small area (as opposed to large portions of the body), no one really has any idea of what central nerve injury pain might feel like. If you have ever been in a chemistry lab and spilled nitric acid on your hand, then that is also somewhat similar.
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    Glad to hear from you , Dejerine. I PMed you.

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    Another day that the pain meds don't seem to be helping. I know they are though, because I vividly remember what it was like before the pain clinic. Had the six month check up with my nephrologist. He's the most thorough when it comes to my blood work, blood pressure, and of course watching my one kidney. I broke down and told him about the sleeping too much and being exhausted all of the time. He went over the medication I take, and then my test results again. My potassium was a little bit low, so I had to admit I was taking it once a day instead of twice. Me saving money and trying to prevent hitting the donut hole that I hit every year. Then he said something about too much carbon dioxide in my blood. Bad allergies and asthma tend to make one breathe shallow. I use a nebulizer throughout allergy season, but can use it anytime I need it, I just usually don't until I notice something, and he wanted to know if I still had my spirometer from the hospital. That was four years ago, and I didn't even think about keeping it, so that would be a no! I remember years ago, while getting an allergy treatment, my doctor told me about the shallow breathing and whenever I think about it, I should take deep breaths. My nephrologist seemed to think this could cause the issues I've been having with sleeping and being exhausted all the time. All he said to do was breathe deeply whenever I think of it, and use my nebulizer more. I remember when the burning pain use to keep me awake for days........

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    Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg! .. Feeling it toooo daily and top it with a cherry, in the top 5 dangerous city with no support group or s.c.i. Dr.... I will be fine someday soon.. Its so bad that it feels like martial law.. Lock down seriously and i understand to fight the good old fight until one fine that balance pain can'T effect the nature of peace within..
    To all who have not heard from me and share moments on this site, love ya all! ..
    life begins when you walk in spirit

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    The Powerball lotto is 400 million and I swear if I won it I'd hire a hit man to put me out of my misery! I'm so sick of constant pain all the time even though I'm taking lyrica and oxycodone the burning in my abdomen is unbearable. I can't even say it's worse because of the weather since I live in sunny California.

    I'm depressed most of the time and usually pray that when I go to sleep I won't wake up, that's not right for someone who is only 48. I want to live longer but don't know how to keep the focus when in pain 24/7. Someone told me I should ask my Dr. About duloxetine has anyone taken it? I don't have a pain Dr. Just a regular small town doc. I'm told it's a generic of cymbaltia, which I've heard some unpleasant things about. I know everyone is different and reacts differently to medications, I'm wondering if I should try it even though I'm on lyrica and oxycodone.
    I'm just so tired of living like this and I've only been dealing with it for five years or so I don't know how some of you have dealt with it for as long as you have I wish I had your courage :-)

    Well thanks for listening
    Courage is being scared to death but saddling up anyway. .(John Wayne)

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