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Thread: I'm tired of this #$%&-ing pain!!!!

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    Shit..... These burning legs suck!!!
    L1 Complete - Injury 3/12/06 - Grateful to be alive!!!!

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    I am sorry for your loss. I hope you can revel in all she brought to you while she passed through this earth.


    The Ketamine Kitty

    All the tears, all the pain, all the rage through the night (apolgies to the rewrite) RR

    Next time I die make sure I'm gone,
    don't leave 'em nothing to work on JT

    And I ain't nothin but a dream JM

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    So sorry for the loss of your sister, smokymtnmemories.

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    Quote Originally Posted by smokymtn memories View Post
    Crying and screaming does'nt do any good.....
    That's so true..... All it does is give me a headache on top of the nerve pain! People just can't seem to grasp the fact that you can have severe pain without crying and screaming.

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    I thought I was doing better......and then came the holidays..... I normally love the holidays, especially Christmas, but this year, with my sister gone, I have to admit it will be a bit rough. We always planned the holiday dinners and did them together at her house....mine is way too small, so this year I have no idea what will happen. We use to have a fall/Halloween cook out, and that did'nt happen. We have'nt even done any in the summer after she got sick. None of the kids have said anything about Thanksgiving, and I know my daughter is going to be working. I think Christmas will be at my son's.

    Hallmark channel has started showing all the christmas movies and I try to watch them just to get into the spirit of things. I enjoyed it more when I could afford to do something for others at this time of the year. I use to love getting the tags off of the tree in the local department store with a list of a few things a child needed, and then add a couple of things on my own.

    Now, with this pain, I just try to do the best I can for my grandson and great grandson. I do a stocking for them every year. They have a blast with that. My grandson asked me not long ago, why does Santa do such a neat stocking at our house! Maybe because grandma starts looking for things they like right after school starts! Of course I could'nt tell him that! Santa fills socks I made, and they are huge! About four feet long.....and filled with things that they like. Some candy, but not a bunch. I still fill my granddaughter's stocking, but get much of it at the Dollar Tree and she finds things like mac and cheese, ramen noodles, tuna, soup, crackers, and lotions and just whatever I can find that she can use or have fun with. She had just gotten her own apartment last year when I gave her the sock filled with things like this. Normally the stockings stop once they graduate, but I knew she could use the items she got, and would get a kick out of it too.

    The burning has been pretty bad lately. Between the stress and the storms....things get a little rough. I'm trying to make the kids their christmas pajamas this year. I could'nt do it last year because of the carpal tunnel, and this year had my doubts about being able to cut them out, but I was given some new scissors for quad hands, and they have worked just great! My friend has been a life saver! If I make the usual amount, I have eighteen to do, and so far have almost four done and have only sewed three times, so I think I will be able to get them done. Now, if this burning would just let up.........

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    I'm 2 1/2 years in and I'm terrified. It keeps me from working because the mornings are completely debilitating. I'm scared

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    Tonight's pain sucks.

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    im frying. I am discouraged. It is robbing my energy and memory.

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    I feel like I'm frying most of the time....even with the meds. Tired most of the time because of the meds. I know how you feel stinks!

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    Legs and feet are burning. Woke up at 0330 and knew I was up for good. Tired now, head pounding and angry just because. Nothing makes sense to me.

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