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Thread: I'm tired of this #$%&-ing pain!!!!

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    so how do all of you get thru the day? a computer zoner, playing facebook games ang google sketch-up
    I too have all of pain, hurts to do anything, flares up exsuting any energy, flares to eat, talking, rough roads, moving my arms.
    Now I have a quad belly, which is making my baclofin pump sitting on my hip and sometimes it wiil slide under my hip bone and puts presure on the bone.
    Hate too, but I am going to get my pump moved up.

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    I was hurt in 1975....this year has been the worse.....shoulder pain....back pain.....neck pain.....seems to move from one place to another. Bones... muscles... snack, crakkle, pop.When I wake up its takes me about 2 hours just to get out of bed.....staying in bed is the best pain relief but its getting old. Use to be warm weather was the if its like 20 degrees outside and last a few days I feel the best.
    I can sure tell when its gona rain out.
    PAIN gets old thats for sure.
    Getting to the point I hope to go to sleep and never wake up won't bother me....had just about enough.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Phillis View Post
    This thread has been quiet for 5 looong days so I hate to bring it back to life, but the crappy stormy weather here in Texas has me OUT OF MY MIND!!! After 4 maybe 5 days of no sleep I fear I may die. Anyone else know that feeling? I know I'll live, but lord god it feels like I will SURELY die from this GD pain tonight!!! I put my girls to bed tonight just praying I make through one more night. I hate rain although we haven't really had much rain, just that humid cloudy crappy barometric pressure that makes us all INSANE with pain. What did I ever DO to deserve this???? THAT'S what I really want to know--what did I ever do????
    You pray to make it, I pray to not make it.

    We must have been really bad people in previous lives.

    Proofread carefully to see if you any words out.

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    Planning ahead on leaving for relief

    Quote Originally Posted by Art454 View Post
    I was hurt in 1975....this year has been the worse.........staying in bed is the best pain relief but its getting old... PAIN gets old thats for sure.
    Getting to the point I hope to go to sleep and never wake up won't bother me....had just about enough.

    I get it... Just about enough... 34 years post and this year has been the worst! I think of not waking up, but, then... wait... My stuff is a mess! I better get organized so my family doesn't have to deal with it confusing as it is. I did get my bank acccounts in my kids names as joint holders and beneficiaries... Then I got a safe deposit box with all the importent papers van title already signed a trusted friend of the famliy has the second key and can access the box, both my kids know her, they live 8 hours away is why they are not named on the box. I made a map of where all important stuff is hidden in my house, I rent don't own so no legal battles there.

    See, this is planning ahead, making me comfortable in advance for when I leave... I think soon.... I need relief and leaving the body is the only way I know of to get it. Alcohol effects me like a poision. I smoke the herb occasionally... This helps a good deal, but temporary relief only... ..

    And yes, yelling FUCK! Does help,
    Gary Is = L-1 Para for 34 years.....................

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    Quote Originally Posted by Garyis View Post

    And yes, yelling FUCK! Does help,
    RIght On Gary.... YOu get it!!!!
    L1 Complete - Injury 3/12/06 - Grateful to be alive!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Garyis View Post
    Phillis, you didn't do anything!

    This pain that we all here live with just is. It is what we got...

    When the (my) burning pain reached the point where it was 24/7 and real sleep became scarce, I asked my self "now what?" No answer...

    But upon a closer look I saw that it is my kids that keep me strong, stronger than I ever thought I could be. If it were not for them I'd be seriously considering checking out. I need to be here for them, and I will.

    Be here for your girls, what else to say? I wish that I could help, but I don't have an answer.

    Yep Gary.... My kid has been my inspiration to continue going ever since March 12th 2006 when I hit the fucking ground!!!!
    L1 Complete - Injury 3/12/06 - Grateful to be alive!!!!

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    Loved ones help, but sometimes it just isn't enough. I'm tired of the pain, and sick and tired of the doctors and all of the medication. It gets old.

    I want to be me again......

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    So sorry to hear that you guys are having some much pain, i have stop taking pain meds about 6yrs ago i am t 10 complete ....I just muster up my courage and dont even think about the pain....I work full time as a dental surgeon so i am always busy and i try to keep my mind active..Work has been a great therapy for me, i no longer get depress,nor feel lonely and i try to live my life just as it was before my injury...

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    i was back on super f#@k days this last week. one think that is different with me is that stayingin bed makes the pain usually worse. When i lay down at nite i need to medicate as soon as i get in bed, usually within 10 minutes of being in bed my toes start the fire or stinging an downhill from there. If i medicate i can usually qwell the burning , but may times i will fall asleep and wake up by the pain within an hour , sometimes two hours.
    I can walk , so i am lucky there. i did laundry on tues day and that set off the pain cycle , just the bending over , all the clothes are in a rollling cart.
    i also was trying to work on my kick bike , and had to drag it inside the garage since it started raining, that also triggered it.
    i do find if i can talk to people and engage n comversation , and not be sitting it will help a lot, however when i have triggered the pain, nothing but a lot of meds , and then i can only walk, no driving , will work, hopefullly today will be ok, so i can pick up some rx's and also find some pvc tubing to continue the gerry rig for my PIE machine. Having too much material in my intestines also will increase the pain.Two years of messing with the PIE and a small aprtment and small bathroom , if i can't figure out an easy set up for the PIE, i will have to go for the MACE.
    cauda equina

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    Yours is a hard post to comprehend, for me. I am not certain what you are really saying. Are you saying that the pain is bearable because you are working or that it disappears because you are working.

    Do you think the situation would be different if your lesion were high, say C4/5?

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