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Thread: I'm tired of this #$%&-ing pain!!!!

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    I feel the same.What happened to me? The pain is excruciating. Can't remember a day without pain and feeling like a freaking zombie from all these meds that do absolutely nada . I need a dr. that can help !!
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    Not much relief lately from the meds. I dread the thought of changing medications.....the first couple of months usually are nothing but sleepless nights and days that are'nt much better. They talked about increasing the morphine, and also mentioned it may be time to change.

    If the storms would just go away! I just get over one, and here comes another one!

    Surgery number two at the end of the month......then the pain doc will make up his mind about my meds. He wanted the carpal tunnel and pinched nerves fixed before he decided. So far, number one surgery has'nt done a thing to reduce the burning pain, and it was the worst one. Not looking good....

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    Adjusting, changing, tweaking, and trying new meds to get a handle on pain without feeling like a zombie is pretty frustrating. Some meds, like Lyrica, work for some people and not's maddening. At least there are different and new meds to try...still the tingling, burning, stabbing pain gets overwhelming.

    Does anyone know why chronic neurogenic pain from SCI is so hard to treat???

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    I get fed up with pain consultants / Drs failure to appreciate how quality of life reducing constant titrating off one med and on another can be, especially as here in UK it is about 6 months before you get a follow up appointment to see if the med changed has helped. The stress of this is almost as bad as the pain (just kidding – pain is worse). For me being so reliant on Drs for pain meds represents loss of control over my own life and that is a hard one for me to handle. I am sure others can relate to that.

    Wishing you all a low pain day


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    TM - may I ask you about the British Medical System for pain Management?
    Let's say your Pain Specialist has you on a short acting opiate such as oxycodone. And you said your follow up appts are every 6 months. Do they write prescriptions for 6 months or do you have to fill them monthly and they give you 6 refills? The US is head towards your system and I wondered how it works there. Thank you.

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    Fuck Fuckity Fuck as well

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    This thread has been quiet for 5 looong days so I hate to bring it back to life, but the crappy stormy weather here in Texas has me OUT OF MY MIND!!! After 4 maybe 5 days of no sleep I fear I may die. Anyone else know that feeling? I know I'll live, but lord god it feels like I will SURELY die from this GD pain tonight!!! I put my girls to bed tonight just praying I make through one more night. I hate rain although we haven't really had much rain, just that humid cloudy crappy barometric pressure that makes us all INSANE with pain. What did I ever DO to deserve this???? THAT'S what I really want to know--what did I ever do????

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    You're in my prayers

    Phillis, you didn't do anything!

    This pain that we all here live with just is. It is what we got...

    When the (my) burning pain reached the point where it was 24/7 and real sleep became scarce, I asked my self "now what?" No answer...

    But upon a closer look I saw that it is my kids that keep me strong, stronger than I ever thought I could be. If it were not for them I'd be seriously considering checking out. I need to be here for them, and I will.

    Be here for your girls, what else to say? I wish that I could help, but I don't have an answer.
    Gary Is = L-1 Para for 34 years.....................

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    am having an awful time today and last night. maybe i should have just posted on this thread but i started new one. damn. it's just bad. it does this for no reason and i just ride it out. but, geez, it's wearing me out.

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    Sorry it has taken so long to respond (I have not been too good). Basically the Pain Consultant says what medication you should be taking, then writes to your General Practitioner (GP) who then writes out the prescriptions (and can also prescribe other medications). Then the medication regime is reviewed again by the pain management consultant at the pain clinic in your local hospital.

    In UK lots of people are not under the care of a pain management clinic and their GP cares for them and prescribes all their medications. We pay for our prescriptions, but some people are exempt from any charges.
    There are National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence Guidelines which are supposed to assist both patients and GPs and Consultants on care for specific conditions, for example there is a NICE guideline no 96 for treatment of neuropathic pain. See :

    Generally my observation is that it seems easier to get pain medication in the UK than in US, but our system is changing and more of our health service is being privatised the justification being that it will save money. In the UK is you need medicinal treatment you get it free.

    The National Health Service provides free health care when you need it but I see changes ahead as the Government is "reforming" it and no one really knows how these changes will impact on health care except that like everywhere else money is tight and this may will adversely impact on our health service.

    Hope this explains things.

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