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Thread: I'm tired of this #$%&-ing pain!!!!

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    SMmemories - could you share how you handled today? What did you do to get through it? Medications? Distraction? Support?
    I'm sorry it was such a bad day.

    I think low pressure fronts worsen my NP pain but I don't understand what the mechanism is and that annoys and humbles me.

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    Getting through a day like yesterday took medication and any distraction I could think of and then some... It's hard to stay distracted when you hurt that much. I love to read, but can't concentrate, and it's just about the same way when it comes to the television. I hate it when it hurts so bad you're sick to your stomach..

    I try to not complain too much to my husband (family), I'm in pain too often and too much. People just don't want to hear something like that all the time. Especially, I think, because there's nothing they can do to help you.

    You just have to do the best you can and stay as upbeat as you can. My CP and Neuropathy is considered chronic and severe, so when I have a decent day, I try to use every bit of it up! I've been doing this now for over five years, some days are better than others.

    I know a lot of others here are putting up with the same thing. It's not easy, for sure! I have a habit of writing post cards and cards to try and make someone else feel good for awhile. I guess that's the only thing that gets my mind off of "me" sometimes. I had been doing that some before my two month stay last year in the hospital, but after receiving cards, calls, and visits from a few of the CC members I realized just how important they can be. So I've continued and add to the list whenever I can. It helps me, and I hope gives a smile to someone who might be needing it. (I have'nt counted them, but I'm guessing there are about a dozen or so to be mailed right now)

    I don't think that was much help Arndog.....

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    Thanks smokymtnmemories, it sounds so familiar. I appreciate your ideas. This whole CP thing is very isolating, it is nice to have the forum. I volunteer at the Crisis Call Center/National Suicide Hotline once a week and it does feel better to try to help others.

    I need to get on your mailing list !

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    I'd love to have it Arndog! Just send me a PM. I'll be looking forward to receiving it....

    Thanks Teena!

    Just a note.....I'll be happy to send to anyone who would enjoy the post cards, they just need to pm me their address.

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    Hell, it's been clear as a bell here for weeks and the last week has been a slowburn for me. I can't hardly touch my right thigh without jumping out of my skin. Distractions work the best for me but unfortunately my distractions are fairly physical activities... (guitar, hunting, taking pictures.... etc.) so when the distraction is over then I get sore from what i did. There certainly is not a magic pill but I wish there was.

    The intensity in my pain comes and goes in cycles. I had a pretty long GOOD cycle before this SLOWBURN BAD cycle for the last 1 or 2 weeks.
    L1 Complete - Injury 3/12/06 - Grateful to be alive!!!!

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    It's a treat to get a postcard from smoky mtn memories. I suck at responding but they are nice to get.

    Yeah pain is awful this time of yr. esp...

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    Betheny, I just hope I can take your mind off some of the stuff you've had to deal with this last year. It's nice to know they're doing what they're suppose to be doing! You hang in there, better times are coming...

    Someone asked me the other day if the change in season could be causing me more problems. I did'nt know how to answer them. I have never given that much thought. I do know this burning has'nt eased up much, and the storm front has passed through so I'm at a loss. Anybody ever heard of the change in seasons causing problems?
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    Smoky... Yes. I am pretty sure changing season affects mine!
    L1 Complete - Injury 3/12/06 - Grateful to be alive!!!!

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    I just joined this forum. Been suffering for 23+ years, even beat my right hip to the point of needing to be replaced from CNS pain, now I get a slow burn in my titanium hip fro sitting too long. My new hip is more sensitive to weather changes than my CNS pain from SCI. CNS pain seems to react to everything and nothing-has a will of its own. Unfortunately aging makes cold weather and pressure changes bring on more pain. Thats why so many old folks flock to warm places for retirement. I know I will leave the NE for the desert.

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    Grange, I've pretty much come to the conclusion that the change of seasons is a culprit in this last episode, that has'nt completely stopped. It's been better since the storm went through, but has'nt completely stopped. Lord what would it be like to really completely stop! Anybody remember what it felt like to not hurt? lol

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