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Thread: I'm tired of this #$%&-ing pain!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jman68 View Post
    I had a stimulator put in 3 months ago. Not helping much at all. Take more drugs than my body should be able to handle and still there is that Damn Pain!!! What I would give for a day being pain free!!!!!! Pain Sucks!!
    those guys are making money hand over fist
    cauda equina

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    Quote Originally Posted by jbpara View Post

    Given the current federal attitudes towards opiates in the US, it is unlikely that physicians would prescribe it for SCI pain, regardless of efficacy shown after multiple trials.
    unless it is real cheap, like methadone, than the insurance companies will be fighting to switch you over.
    cauda equina

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    can't we all get even 5 minutes of what we once were?

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    I was having crazy nerve pain and went to a doc specializing in spinal cord injury, she perscribed compression shocks, it helped a little, she also perscribed that I get off Vicadin and try this other drug called amitriptyline. I take 1 lyrica and 2 - 25 mg. of Amitriptyline 3 times a day. What a relief, I can think again, no more burning legs and butt, it sure paid to see a specialist.
    Hope things get better! Beachboy

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    Beachboy - that is great that the combo of lyrica and amitriptyline helps. It helps me too. But I am on amitriptyline just 25mg at night. Are you really taking 50mg 3 times a day? How much lyrica in mgs are you taking?

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    Hang in there everyone!!!!!!

    I'm L1 incomplete. 4-3-08 is the date of my accident. I went through 1 fusion that completely failed, had my hardware come loose and was on so many narcotics I felt like an addict!! It took a year to get another surgery, this time in Ypsilanti, MI, I live in Bay City. For 1 year I was on 100mcg fentynal patch, Liquid Oxycontin, Soma muscle relaxer, neurotin, Xanax, Ambien and Motrin. Every day felt worse! My doc couldn't give me any more meds because I was pretty much maxed out. After my 2nd surgery in march of 2009 I had a rough time in the hospital because of withdrawls from everthing. My doc worked real hard and finally about 3 weeks ago got me down to taking Opana, 5-10mgs 3 times a day, 600mg of Neurotin, 3 times a day and 20mgs of Lexapro at night. Sleep is still hard to come by but monday he will call in a new script to help me sleep. In all I go to therapy, PT an OT, 2 hours a day 5 days a week. I still have some low back muscle pain but I know that will get better with hard work, getting the rest of my back stronger. If the pain your in can't be controlled with current meds, talk to your doc and try some new meds, new combos, or try massage therapy. Or if needed come to Michigan, I have a great doc and know some great therapist that can work wonders!!! Hope we can all keep our heads up and not let this FUCKING PAIN WIN!!!!! If we all work together, keep giving each other ideas, we will the war!!

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    I saw this post and it encouraged me to join.

    I have been in a chair since '87 (L1) originally incomplete. I too am about at the end of my rope with this pain. I have had three surgeries over the course of 22 years. The first one paralyzed me, the second one ( Kao) I am not sure if it helped, but the third one in '98 was the one that really changed my life for the worst. They cut me open like a bait fish. Front back, and side. I have not been the same since.
    I have just recently been told that I now have a cyst and some sort of gap in my spinal cord now, and am being pressured to go to Equador for Carl C Kao's surgery.
    This is on top of having a wound the size of my fist on the back of my leg, that I have been dealing with for TWO YEARS NOW. The wound began as a cut about 3/4" long. I was transferring from my truck to my chair, and the chair slipped put from under me and I hit the pavement, and got a "boxers cut" which split the skin.
    Instead of being smart and going to the ER,and just having it stitched up, I went to a sloppy, lazy, profit hungry, plastic "surgeon". He made a 7" incision that got infected in the hospital and later swelled up and came open. This led to having to go back and get a LARGER, C shaped incision, which 3 1/2 weeks later came open (again due to infection). NOT ONCE were antibiotics used as a preventative measure, or even AFTER the infection was discovered.

    Didn't mean to go off on a tangent. But this is all on TOP of the #$#$%^ PAIN that I have been experiencing since 1998. For TEN YEARS it has been like Chinese water torture. Every morning I wake up to feeling like someone stabbing me in the back. I have to take Oxycontin 4 times a day, just to be able to function, and it is getting old. Not to mention the the despair of being dependent on an addictive "medication" that I would have to go through hell to get off of.
    My hardware is failing, I have cysts now, a wound that has a bone infection, and no real solid answers.
    I am growing weary. I am recently divorced, no kids, and have been unable to work because of the above mentioned.
    If there weren't friends, kids, nieces and nephews, and other loved ones that would be traumatized, I would have checked out already.
    I don't know how much more I can take. I must say that I have the ultimate respect for the quads here, and the frustration they must feel in the challenges they face. When I think about ending it, I always reflect on their challenges, and how if THEY can make it, so can I.
    But even that is not as effective anymore. I just want to die half of the time.

    I am grateful to have found this forum, to be able to share with others going through similar situations. I wish I could have had a more uplifting post to start out with, but this is my current reality, and it sucks, big time.

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    I had five children (2 by caserean). At least I knew the pain was going to end sometime. This pain will never go away. It is so much fucking work just to keep it managed! I know people around me thing I just a baby and all I do is whine. Even my family. They say they understand but I know they don't! Sometimes I just scream! I wake up feel the best I am going to feel, then try to accomplish things then the pain comes and I can't wait to get to sleep again. No sex life what so ever and I end up feeling sorry for my husband. GRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!

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    Still hating this F#$%ing pain! It SUCKS!!!! I hate that this thread is getting so much participation. That means alot of people are hurting like I am or worse and that is not good.

    It still helps to just say FUCK THIS SHIT!!!!!!!!
    L1 Complete - Injury 3/12/06 - Grateful to be alive!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grange View Post
    Still hating this F#$%ing pain! It SUCKS!!!! I hate that this thread is getting so much participation. That means alot of people are hurting like I am or worse and that is not good.

    It still helps to just say FUCK THIS SHIT!!!!!!!!
    htmi pain research:

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