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Thread: I'm tired of this #$%&-ing pain!!!!

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    right I think I may give my self ulcers because you worry about little things Care Cure is great place to talk to people and read other post to not just about how bad things are.
    I don't always go on here but I should as we all sort of similar life problems that can be very challenging I don't like being like this so you just do like you said keep going to therapy and things nad then the day goes by a bit faster

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    how well do you guys sleep. This wakes me up all the time to but I just get up and do something and then fall asleep at the computer lately sedation does not even work and I have to be careful otherwise the pills I taek to help sleep keep me in a brian fog that is unhealthy

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    I think my sci is going to shorten my life span considerably. it has played a huge detrimental role in my over all health and view. just venting but this pain just consumes me for a large part of the day I want my life not this

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    it feels like one to many days of pain. tomorrow will be insane again.

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