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Thread: I'm tired of this #$%&-ing pain!!!!

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    I'm not sure why others haven't posted in awhile it could be for the very reason that you stated, they are tired of being tired of it.
    For myself and I feel somewhat guilty mentioning it because I know there are so many others out there still in an immense amount of pain but I've found a drug combination that has knocked my pain down considerably!
    Lyrica 100 mg 4 times a day, Escitalopram 10MG 1 a day, oxycodone as needed, Diazepam 5MG as needed

    I still have pain but for the most part it's been tolerable and I pray it stays that way I also pray the rest of my SCI brothers and sisters find the relief they need.
    Courage is being scared to death but saddling up anyway. .(John Wayne)

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    somthin I noticed...if I do 'Yoga Nidra' meditation ,,, the phantom pain in my legs dissolves after awhile

    pot is a good solution too....and it helps prevent cancer

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    I'm so sorry. I've been injured a year and a half. I am now having severe nerve pain. I hope I can find some help. I know what you mean about wanting to scream.... sometimes all I can do is cry. It just started being this bad a few days ago....

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    so tired of this burning hell....

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    Where do you guys have the burning?

    Mine is basically in my butt, always there but when bad, feels like I am sitting on a grill. I take 10 mg of Elavil 2x day.

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    I have central neuro hell from mid back on down... I try and cope with it the best I can by staying positive , have never found any meds that heled with the burning hell... Each day i just try and keep my self going , it's wearing me down..
    I would say i feel this neuro pain worse in my low back and butt and around my waist.. makes wearing clothes a challenge.
    If i sit to long the pain gets worse... this has been a real challenge

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    I had a bad break which was not fixed with the optimal surgery , and has fallen apart and i now have and unstable fusion and need more surgery... last year i had spinal cord untethering surgery for a syrinx ( HELL )!!!!!! have been dealing with severe central neuro pain for the last 4 years..
    I have always has some C .N. P since beginning of injury almost a dozen years now.. sucks.. sick of it
    can deal with life as a para , just wish i didn't have do this in so much pain...

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    Wow, you have had some major surgeries. You happy with your Dr.?

    There is hope on the horizon.

    The ChinaSCINet Phase II Clinical Trial found that lithium is very effective in eliminating severe neuropathic pain. Not sure about central pain. They are now conducting a Phase III double-blind placebo controlled trial in 60 subjects to confirm the results. So far, 30+ subjects have been enrolled and half of them are reporting that their pain is gone. In the Phase II the subjects took lithium for 6 weeks and the pain hasn't returned at one year+. This finding will open up research in all types of pain.

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    The doctor who did my untethering surgery was a sci pro.. getting there was very rough..
    Always be just as informed as your doctor is...

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    I'm I acid waist down. Ih only just my ass, sigh. I'm full blown CP, and have tried absolutely everything legal or not, there is no hope. I am weary. Back into hospital in two weeks as the spasms are up in frequency and severity, doc thought my femur would snap or the muscle would tear off with a chunk of bone. Had been telling them then they saw it and now they want to try more intrathecal meds. versed and who the hell knows what else I no longer care. SCI has torn my soul heart and humanity from me I am less than a shadow anymore. a waste of my carbon footprint.


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