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Thread: A good vaporizer for quadriplegics

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    A good vaporizer for quadriplegics

    I'm looking for a good simple, small portable vaporizer that I can use with no hand function,pretty shitty wrist function and I understand someone will probably load it for meI just want to be able to get it to my own mouth, hold onto it myself

    I'm also looking for a safe, effective, chemical free device preferably no plastic where I'm smoking or where there will be heat.

    I've been looking at this one looks like a lot of plastic though, good settings

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    Like vape or nebilizer? I think most vapes are pretty light weight.
    If nebilizer, we use this:

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    I just bought one of these

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    Are you on medical cannabis?
    There is a company that sells medical pot for the federal government called CanniMed. If you google it will come up. They sell vaporizers too.
    You can buy medical cannabis from them. my pain specialist has me on cbd oil. No thc just other parts of the plant.

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    I have 0 hand function and any work fine for me, but I have wrists. You have no function at all?

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    No I just have very poor wrist function especially in the right-arm no extension just flexion for both

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    Vape naysh y'all

    Awe at my magnificent coq!

    "You may say I'm a dreamer
    but I'm not" - J. Lennon

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    I'm a quad c5/6. I've had experience with a few different portable vapes
    DaVinci, Ascent, Arizer air, whispr

    The Davinci was easiest to operate. nice finish. relatively non-slip coating. was happy with that for a while.
    Currently use arizer air though. Fairly easy to manipulate, comes with a silicone sleeve which is great as it won't slip from your hand like many other vapes. little weed goes a long way. packs a punch too.
    also, with arizer air you don't have to fuck around with any screens, which is a huge bonus imo.
    turning on/off may require teeth. its in the middle between the up/down arrows, have to hold for a couple seconds.

    Ascent is a nice vape, although inferior to arizer air

    i'm quite happy with them. free grinder too

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    Blackout's disposable work for me.

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