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Thread: I'm tired of this #$%&-ing pain!!!!

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    I know what you mean about the weather Ket.......things are bad enough without the bad weather! Same today. Tomorrow is spring, but it looks more like a fall day with winter coming when I look out the window. I feel like it too. The spasms have been terrible this week. My right leg takes on a life of it's own with the jerking. I'm due for a new MRI, but have put off seeing the neuro surgeon.

    I like the train keeps rollin' but the wheels are slowin''s how I feel most of the time. Good luck tomorrow Ket..........

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    so fucking tired of the burning waist down, my fucking ass and legs, can't sit, lie down. standing hurts tis is fucking insane, I am losing my fucking mind. back to electric shocks virtually all day and the fucking spasms are getting worse? wtf, enough IT Baclofen to paralyze an elephant and I can't get an hours relief. Doc doing what she can, new MRIs trying to sort out what to do ...NAFT (not a fucking thing) anytime thye go in I come out worse. sorry the whine no sleep in a week and really in a world of hurt, I can't even concentrate enough to read a fucking bokk. back to puking from pain and sensory distortion.

    If I went totally batshit crazy in public would they lock me up and shoot me full of thorazine till I was dazed and drooling and would it help?? or would I still be screaming in my head

    I need some relief I'm spiraling into that very dark place again

    seriously thuis is not possible I must be insane
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    I see not much has changed for you Ket. I'm so sorry.

    I haven't been on this site in forever, it just disappeared one day!!

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    One can be a convicted bank robber, murderer, car thief, wife (husband) beater, rapists and still get medication for chronic neuropathic pain. Can scam old people out of their retirements and still get medication to treat chronic neuropathic pain. But smoke some marijuana and your medical treatment can be withheld.

    Surely our surly, willy-nilly politicians can apply this deterrent (withholding medical treatments) to other serious violations like fishing without a license... or no hemorrhoid treatment for politicians convicted of any crimes of dishonesty.

    Welcome to The Flat Earth Society

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    big weather changes lately has my pain burning on over drive... weather makes such a difference in my pain.. I feel people don't quite understand what burning hell on earth is like when i say to someone how much more i hurt with weather changes..

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    Burning, like a bad sunburn from my chest and arms to my toes....constantly. On a really bad day I have body flashes of nerve pain. Like electricity randomly blasting through my body. These flashes are random but usually are triggered by unexpected sounds. A phone notification chiming, my dog snorting in its sleep, any fucking sound im not expecting triggers these flashes. What drives my insane is AB people saying "oh I know what you mean. I get this tingling on my feet and it burns sometimes too" FUCK YOU!! IM NOT TINGLING BITCH!!! MY BODY IS O FIRE!!! YOU DONT KNOW! ....any who. Im just about out of fucks to give. I wish i had died in my accident. Instead of living with this shit. Chronic pain warps your mind. I dont have the balls for suicide so ill settle for apathy and cynicism....

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    I have neither the balls nor a method for suicide, so I just keep getting worse, obsessing about pain and other things, wishing there was something to make me feel better if I could do things, and hoping to croak in my sleep every night.

    I hate that there aren't even words to accurately describe what I'm feeling. I apparently look good, despite the grimaces and fidgeting I am always doing. Yet, my back and abdomen pains are driving me crazy, and I rarely even mention my legs.

    Proofread carefully to see if you any words out.

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    For those like myself that live every day with pain. I found something all natural that helps Kratom Mitragyna spciosa, no I am not a salesman for them. My name is Nick T-10 incomplete post 20 injured as a diesel mechanic. Dealing with chronic pain all my life. I get liquid morphine administered intrathecally through my baclofen pump and also take 7.5 percs 4 times a day. It helps with the pain but I am trying to slow down taking narcotics and go natural. I usually don't believe in this stuff, but hey I tried this and it freaking works surprisingly. I am not a doctor so I am no recommending anyone take anything I am just saying take the time to do a web search on this stuff. I bought it a local smoke shop. I got it in the powder form tastes like Chit, have to mix it with apple juice, but you can also buy the capsules. good luck

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    Nobody has been tired of their freaking pain for a month? Or are we all just tired of being tired of it?

    Proofread carefully to see if you any words out.

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    I'm tired of my freaking pain every day! And definitely tired of being tired of it. Intense burning pain and feeling like I'm being electrocuted from the chest down and fingers every day. Try to do things to keep my mind off of it but it's always there. Just wish there was something..ANYTHING that could help! If I didn't have a family that loves me I don't know what I'd do...Lucky that I have that at least

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