Thank you dejerine for that enlightening explanation, and I truly hope allenstevens really reads your post, and gets something out of it. I fought pain for years before receiving much for pain, then when the pill game really started, it took a few more years before I was sent to a pain clinic. One of the things that makes me the maddest is the group of people that think we enjoy taking these medications. What I wouldn't give to have a real medication to treat this kind of pain! Not a cocktail of different drugs.....including opiates. I'm grateful for them, and hate them the most. I hate being drug tested like some common criminal. I resent the thoughts that a lot of people have about someone who is taking pain medication. That we take them because we want to, and enjoy it! I think I hate that the most.

This thread was started for people in pain 24/7. People that don't get a three day break on pain. I don't remember what it feels like to NOT feel pain all of the time. I know "regular" pain hurts, but since having cp and neuropathic pain........for me there is no comparison. Not until you sit for days rocking back and forth with silent tears falling, and a wastebasket close by for the nausea......not until you have to live like this, can you talk to me about pain. You can ask questions, but don't suggest you have the answers to something you don't understand.

I can only hope you really do read and understand what dejerine has written here, and any others that think they know the answer to our pain issues. I could go on and it's not only changed our lives, but changed us, until we are no longer who we use to be, and I'm talking about pain changing us.....not the drugs...... Do you know what it's like to dread a change in the weather? I'm sitting here in sweats and wrapped in a big sweater, no socks, I can't stand them on my feet, and no blanket because I can't stand the weight of it and I'm shivering. The thermostat is set on seventy, any warmer than that and I can't breathe, and once I get this cold it takes forever to get warm again. And did I mention, I'm burning so bad I'm sick to my stomach!