(sorry if this is the wrong section to post this in.. )
We currently have a nice oak bedroom set, queen size... Wall unit style (attached a pic of a similar one; ours has a shelf and no mirrors..both heavy readers, so we liek to have books and stuff within reach), with separate cheap wood frame. We are romantically active, and I would love to have more.. options (Being able to use a removable sex swing/sling would be.. mmmmm.. ). Plus, being able to utilize overhead options for positioning when in bed (non-romantic as well) would be nice. Plus, I LOVE the old canopy type beds!

Our budget is low, but much of this we could do on our own, and will have the help of friends. I have started the basic design idea, but am unsure of the best materials and techniques for constructing it to provide the proper strength/durability. Safety first!!

The big question is: I want to have the outer appearance to be wood (oak, matching our existing rear wall unit), but I want it to support up to 250lbs of weight at the center of the top if possible. Queen size bed, top of bed will be just over 6' high. I was planning to simply do 4x4 posts for the end frame, top side rails, and then use 2x6's for the bed frame, 2x4's for under mattress supports, with left over 4x4 bits as center supports below the 2x4's for the mattress. No box spring, and we want good ventilation (Pacific NW.. humidity is fun!). The center section of the existing rear wall unit will be modified slightly (the light bridge, for one), while retaining the two side units (which are also filled with books and such, and the drawers on my side have my immediate needs med stuff, etc)

So, with the basic 4x4 frame in place, is it possible to create some sort of "sub support" section within that upper frame that would allow support of straps, etc? I found a video on google vids showing "canapebeds llc," but the company seems to be non-existent; I would have linked the vid here, but the vid was R rated.. not sure if appropriate to post the link. The frame had cross supports, and was made of metal. "Hiding" the metal, and adding some nice fabric accents (girly, semi-Victorian/gothic/naughty tastes! ) would be easy enough. I am most interested in the frame being solid and strong. Being DIY, it would come down to materials cost (primarily), and should remain within a few to several hundred dollars.. I think...

Material and construction tips?