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Thread: I just WALKED!!!!!!!

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    Awesome! I hope to know what that feels like one of these days! How was your spasticity before? Did you notice any changes in spasticity or tone leading up to you firing those muscles?

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    OMG, Jen, that is FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so proud, happy, elated, throw in any of those adjectives . News like this makes all the crappy days seem not so crappy !!! Keep it up!!

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    WAY TO JenYou're inspiring to all of us.Keep going!!
    Be yourself!!!
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    JenJen, That is so great!!! Way to go!! I was told at RIC that the major determining factor for ASIA A is whether or not you have anal sensation or voluntary movement of your anal sphincter.

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    WOW, it really can happen!
    I'm very happy for you.
    I hope that good juju keeps spreading around.
    - Richard

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    WTG Jen! Your hard work is paying off.

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    This is awesome! Keep working at it :-)
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    Wow Jen,

    This great. i'm speech less

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    Hearing this can happen is just exhilarating!

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    Fantastic! If this don't put lead in yer pencil, you ain't GOT one
    Hula-Hoop motion.....hmmm... I can imagine that will be a much used asset, sittin' atop the world

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