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    Talking I just WALKED!!!!!!!

    I am a T-4 ASIA A, 4.5 years post injury. I started a round of PT about 2 months ago to deal with my scoliosis. In the process, we discovered that I have muscles firing below my level of injury.

    We started working with abduction and adduction, then knee extension, then hip rotation - internal and external.... About a month ago, I joined a gym and started getting in the pool. A friend helped me with my exercises and we work them all regularly. A few days ago I found that I had obliques.

    Yesterday, in therapy I was asking what should come next in my progression. So, today, I wrapped my knees in ace wraps to keep them from buckling, strapped 3 pound weights to my ankles to keep them from floating and tried to stand in 5' of water (I'm 5'12").

    Since that was so successful, I tried to take a step. Right, Left, Right. Then I burst into tears and we cried and crowed together about doing the impossible.

    After that, we worked about another 20 minutes of me getting my feet squared up and then stepping forward braced on my friend's arms. All told, I walked about 50' and plan to slowly start working toward more shallow water so that I take more weight on my legs.

    My goal is to walk with KAFOs and crutches for Christmas.
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