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Thread: A Camera a Quad can use?

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    Question A Camera a Quad can use?

    Are there any easy to use cameras out there. I like the iflip video cameras. But I want a still camera. Any suggestions?
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    Hey Norm - Every quad 's different. Alot depends on what your functional abilities are and what you want to shoot. Good fotos are about sharp images (usually) so shutter speed, image stabilization and the ability to grasp and or hold the camera steady come into play. If you can't biomechanically hold the camera to your eye and press the shutter button then you need a support, and a self timer or remote shutter control.

    SLRs either film or dgital generally have remote control or cable release options. But if you are not shooting action you can use your knee and a self timer. I've been using a Bogen Magic Arm for both video and still photos for many years and it works better than a tripod (If I haven't had too much coffee that day - C4-6 caffeine knee's?)

    What do u want to shoot? Inside stuff you'll want wide angle. Outside sports fotos need a bigger zoom and fast focus. If it doesn't take the photo you want you will stop taking photos. What is it you like about the flip?

    There is another thread about this at:

    Best advice from here is go to a camera shop and take some photos with a numer of dfferent cameras under the same conditions. See what you can manage physically, take some sots with each then make your decision. You can do some research at sites like Steve's Digicams, Imaging Resource, etc.

    I like a little bit bigger camera cause it's easier to get steady and control. My most used camera of the last few years is a Sony Cybershot H1. I like it mainly because it has been indestructible, has a decent zoom and macro, can be handed to anyone and they can take a decent snapshot with it (sometimes ART), and it take AA batteries so if I run out of juice I can stop at any 7/11 to pick-up some AAs and get back to shooting.

    Boils down to what you want to shoot.

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    I think the best thing to do is go to the store and try the camera out. When I was looking for my next camera, I tried various brands and models to get a feel for what would work best for me. We are all so different that its hard to recommend a specific camera and be confident that it'll work for you.

    With that said, I have a Canon PowerShot SD880 and I love it. Shutter speed is a biggie for me and this snaps pretty fast, especially in pet/kid mode. It also takes pretty good video and its easy to use.

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    This is a good question. My first camera was small, a Canon S30, and it was hard for me to use. When we decided to get a new camera, like always, I get caught up reading indepth. Long story short, I ended up with a SLR. Now this is how little I knew, when I received it, I couldn't figure out why the screen wouldn't show the image I was trying to take the picture of; I was quickly set straight on the camera forums that you must put the camera to your eye and look through the view finder to shoot pictures.

    When I found this out I thought I made a huge mistake. Well, it turned out to be a huge blessing! I can use this camera, a Nikon D40, sooo much easier than my previous small camera, and here is why...

    The camera is bigger making it easier to hold.
    Having to look through the view finder allows me to rest (stabilize) the camera against my face.
    Also, I could not manipulate the zoom button on the small camera without putting it on my lap, looking again, etc. With the SLR you adjust the zoom maually with a nice rubber rotating ring; I can take pictures quickly with this camera.

    I very much love using this camera!

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    Norm, I forgot to mention price - kind of important. Here's a list of larger, quad friendly, compact cameras based on street prices that you might want to try at Best Buy, Shutterbug etc.

    Fujifilm S2000HD - $280
    Panasonic Lumix DMC- FZ28 - $300
    Canon Powershot SX10 IS - $375
    Sony cybershot H50 - $400
    Olympus SP-590UZ - $400
    Canon Powershot G9 or G10 - $475
    Olympus SP-570UZ - $550
    Canon Powershot SX1 IS - $550
    Fujifilm S100FS - $580

    SLRs = More $$$ - $600-$1K easy
    Any Canon EOS Rebel SLR
    Nikon D40 or D60

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    or... get a gorilla pod and a handheld shutter - this is what i wouldhave to do, as i cant use a viewfinder at the same time as remaining upright and pressing the button

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    "i cant use a viewfinder at the same time as remaining upright and pressing the button"

    Me neither. That's when a camera with a tilt up or foldout LCD viewer and your knee, a table, or a Gorillapod come in handy. A Gorillapod is great 4 small cameras but may have problems supporting an SLR or video camera.

    With an SLR on the Bogen Magicarm I use a Canon wired remote switch in my teeth and trigger it with my tongue while making camera adjustments with my right hand and and hooking my left around my chair's left pushhandle so I don't topple forward. The advantage to this is you don't have to say "say Cheese" 'cause your subject is already laughing.

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    How about one of these hand straps. I do not have one but want to purchase a new camera soon. They look like they would help me a lot with no hand function. OR hand strap with wristband
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    C 5/6 Comp.
    No Tri's or hand function.

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    hey guysive been debating getting a Canon Powershot SX10 IS has anyone used one? it looks nice

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    hi i cut a round hole in my laptray and cut the top 8 inchs of a tripod from goodwill and can use any camera with my ucuff and pointer if questions hit me up

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