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Thread: First day back to school.

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    First day back to school.

    I had my first day back to school and it was nice. I saw a lot of people that havent seen me yet and that was kinda hard but its was a good day all in all. I only went half the day but we are going to work on me going longer and longer and my moms going to come on lunch to cath me. But I had fun and I cant wate to go back 2maro just wanted to update everyone.

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    Awesome, glad it went well! Also if you are worried about the cathing thing, if your to high of a level to do it yourself you could always get an indewlling one.

    I havn't used one before but I know others that use it to get more freedom and not having to limit their liquids and such.
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    Emi, did your parents get an IEP (Individual Educational Plan) done for you yet with the school? If so, it should include how you will get cathed at school. It is possible to include that a nurse would need to be provided by the school to do this for you if you cannot do it yourself. If you don't have an IEP yet, insist on getting one done ASAP.

    Have you talked with your urologist about a Mitrofanoff so you can do this yourself. While some women do it at C7, it is pretty hard, and you could be so much more independent and have a better social life if you could do it yourself with the Mitrofanoff.


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    Glad to hear everything went well on your first day of school. Since I was around your age when I had my sci you sure brought back memories of my first day back all those years ago. I had to go to a new school after my sci since mine wasn't accessible so it was a little different for me. I'm sure all the kids were glad to see you and you'll find that it will get easier for you and them.

    Think about what KLD said about the mitrofanoff. It will give you and your mom soooo much more freedom. If you and your mom google the procedure you'll get lots of info.

    Thanks for keeping us posted. I'm looking forward to going through high school again through you.

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    You are amazing, how quick you've bounced back. A strong, smart, tough young woman imo. You'll go far in this world.

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    Emily, I too am already a big fan.

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    That was a big step - good fer you, kiddo!!
    - Richard

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    Wow, soooo soon. You are an upstanding young lady. Nothing stands in your way, next is sports. Killer ball, or others. The worlds yours girl, go get it. I knew you'd get back so soon. Your incredible.

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    Very impressed . Don't let anything stand in your way!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by betheny View Post
    You are amazing, how quick you've bounced back. A strong, smart, tough young woman imo. You'll go far in this world.

    Copy that.


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