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    Does anyone use a Tempurpedic mattress? I'm concerned about how easy it would be to move around on. I was looking at the 8 inch because it's supposed to be firmer but couldn't try it in the store. They had only the 10 inch on diplay.

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    I am a T6/T7 Complete (paralyzed from nipples down). I use a Tempurpedic Topper and love it. It made a big difference in comfort for me. I plan on getting the full bed and mattress in the near future.

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    I am T5 complete and have the full bed. No problems at all using it. Compared to a spring mattress which is too bouncy and throws me off balance. I have heard of people feel they sink in too much, but I have never felt that way at all. It is very easy to move around on. It is much more stable that a normal mattress in my opinion.


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    I have also had complaints from many that they feel like they are sleeping in a "pit" and that they have a hard time turning on a viscoelastic mattress (generic for the TempruPedic). I would only recommend one if you have had a chance to try one for several nights. Get a money-back guarantee before purchasing that will allow you to return or exchange if you don't like it.


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    We just got one (8"). It takes getting used to for sure, but I am starting to like it. I lie on my stomach and it is damn comfortable. It is different though, but I think I can get used to it. My GF even had to get used to it.

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    Thanks for posting this question. I have also thought about getting this bed. I sent away for the sample and brocher. They are expensive. The free 90 day home trial isn't exactly free. It cost $150 for delivery, I think(nonrefundable).This is why I have not tried it. I am also afraid that I would like it and don't want to spend that much for a mattress right now. If you call for the sample the send you something every couple of months in case you forgot about them. I found this to be quite humorous. I would love to hear more sci testimonials.


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    I'm a C5/6 complete and I've had a tempurpedic bed for over two years and it has been great for my skin. I am really thin (6ft tall, 110lbs), and obviously can't shift my position in bed much, but I've never had so much as a pink area with the bed. My only complaint is that the matress is very firm until it warms up, but once warm it's quite comfortable, for me.

    And you get a pick up line with your tempurpedic, by default: "You know, my bed vibrates."

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    I did the 90-day tryout and returned it after a week. I found the bed to be very hard until it warms up (as Saorsa said). I switched back to my Select Comfort mattress. Even though I lost the $150 delivery fee, I got to keep the two "free" pillows.

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    Thanks for all the replies. I think I'll try it.

    Funny line Saorsa
    Saorsa wrote:
    And you get a pick up line with your tempurpedic, by default: "You know, my bed vibrates."

    Good luck with your house off.

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    At least you got the pillows clipper.

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