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Thread: Any Coude catheter users out There

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    Any Coude catheter users out There

    I was told that if you are having trouble passing a catheter the last coupe of inches that a coude works great. My prostae is a little swollen so a regular caheter is tough to pass. The hydrophillic works better but their it still needs a nudge. I tried them a long time ago but it was a challenge to keep the tip at the right angle. Has anyone used coude catheters for a long time with success?


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    for me they work great and much easier...

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    I've used them for ~25 years. These are the ones I currently use:

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    I have used them for several years after I had trouble with the straight caths. Sometimes you have to rotate the cath to get in, don’t force it, change the angle on the foley.

    You might need a new scrip, they are more expensive.

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    Definitely helps with an enlarged prostate, keep the tip pointed up towards yur nose.

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    Steve, I've used them for about 5 years now. I had an enlarged prostate before my SCI and the coude are the only ones that will get by my prostate. I use the ones with the guide strip that Davey gave a link to and also use the ones made by Bard. They are soft rubber which seems to make it even easier to get by the prostate. Without the stripe they sometimes get twisted - the hard part if keeping the tip pointed at my nose like the nurse said. Mike
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