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Thread: Nighttime cathing

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    Nighttime cathing

    I need some help please I've been intermittent cathing for 3 years now and require full assistance to cath. I can feel when my bladder is full and take Detrol LA for bladder spasms. I will usually wake up twice (along with my caregiver) at night to cath and it has started to take a tole on the both of us. We're always tired throughout our busy day and more importantly I don't want this to be a reason for her to quite because she is the best caregiver so far. I don't want to get an indwelling catheter such as a super pubic and a foley at night seems extreme, but I am open to it. I try to regulate my fluids after 6:30pm, but always end up peeing having to cath. I've heard of a hormone in a nasal spray called desmopressin to decrease urine production at night, anyone have experience with this? Any tips? Oh, I don't like condom cath's because I don't leak until my bladder is about to explode and at that time I really get AD. Thank you in advance.
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    I found that when I take in less salt in my diet, that I store less water and pee not at all during the night. This may not be the case for you but it's an idea.

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    DDAVP is only appropriate for those people with SCI who are deficient in night-time ADH (antidiuretic hormone). It is not appropriate to use it to avoid cathing for 8-10 hours. You need to empty your bladder at least every 4-5 hours, regardless of the volume.

    We would never send someone home on intermittent cath who cannot do it themselves. You may want to look at other bladder management options. You would probably be a good candidate for a SP catheter, or even reflex voiding with a sphincterotomy so that you are not dependent upon a caregiver to do your caths.

    I would encourage you to sit down with your urologist and really talk over all your options for bladder management that are socially realistic for you.


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    Dude, use the indwelling.

    I used to cath like 4-5 times a night. AD so bad sometimes I'd nearly stroke. I'm serious, I can feel my weiner, which means I can feel the caths. I switched to indwelling. Best thing I ever frickin' did for this situation. I get used to the indwelling cath almost immediately. Like it isn't even there. Trust me.

    Just make sure the bag hangs low so that the pee drains easily. Also, I tape the tube to my belly so that I can move around in bed without tearing the cath outta' my dick. I also put like a heavy folded up sheet on the tube where the tube lays on the bed AND use the clip that comes with the pee bag and clip it on the sheets (or whatever) so that the tube never slips. Nobody needs a stretched out dink hole.

    Seriously, don't even think about it anymore. Just go for it. You can drink as much as you want before bed and not have to worry about it. It's better to drink enough fluids. It's all much healthier for you. (And your kick ass caregiver) Not enough sleep is very unhealthy.

    I re-use the same indwelling cath for approx. a week. I just make sure to wash and rinse the living hell out of it. Same with the bag. I make sure they both dry decently. I'm the biggest germaphobe and would never tell anyone else to do this (so I'm not but I haven't had bladder problems since doing this. In fact, my bladder is so much healthier compared to when I didn't use the indwelling, it's just ridiculous. Ridongculous really. I NEVER get uti's. I mean never.

    I had more to type but forgot. If I remember, I'll come back.

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    completely agree with NorthQuad.

    Intermittent Cathing through the night is complete torture
    and is not necessary. Once you start using a foley, you'll
    get better sleep and wonder why you worried.

    good luck.

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    I do not recommend reuse of indwelling catheters. The manufactures all state they should not be reused, and inserting after the balloon has been inflated can cause urethral trauma.

    I was advocating for the OP to change over to an indwelling catheter (urethral or SP) 24/7, not just at night, because he cannot cath himself at all. I have seen no studies that show that insertion of an indwelling catheter daily for night-time use is actually safe.


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    hey man i had the same prob my uro told me to just put a reg cathater in and tape it works now no more wakin up in the night

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    Oh yeah, I put the indwelling cath in before I go to bed. That way if something is screwy, I/you can deal with it while I/you're still up. You can take it out before you get out of bed too. It's easier. Make sure to use a big bag, like two liters or half a gallon or whatever. That way you don't have to have the bag emptied at night during sleepy time.

    Also, as soon as possible have something to drink after you get up so that you can give your bladder a good rinse. As in a good rinse with the first intermittent cath of the day. The pee can become concentrated in your bladder overnight since it isn't flushing as fast while the indwelling is in. Don't stress about it though. It's no biggie.

    Also, I shower every morning. So I give my weiner a good rinsing to get rid of any germies that might have built up. I just rinse it and rinse it and rinse it and smack it around and beat it and... no just kidding. But seriously, I rinse the hell out of it.

    Hopefully van quad doesn't read this, he'll get excited.

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    I definitely sympathize. At some point, quality of life has to weigh in...

    This thread may also be helpful, although most of the points have already been addressed by others...

    Definitely have a good talk with your urologist and physiatrist, who hopefully know you and your bladder well. Then consider all of your options.

    My father was also very unhappy with cathing at night. Very very disruptive, and also a little risky for him as he sometimes would get confused at night when he awoke ..... Surprising to me, his physiatrist and neuro-urologist both recommended sleeping through the night (6-8 hrs not cathing), as long as he kept his am volume down (< 400-500cc). And they are experts in SCI! However, he does have a low pressure bladder and no AD. Your situation is different of course, as you essentially need to insert a catheter overnight or consider KLDs recommendations (eg. surgery...).

    Good luck with your decision.

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    Thank you everyone so much! I do like the foley idea, but inserting and re-inserting everyday does concern me.

    KLD, what do you mean by urethral trauma? Is it from the catheter drying out? Of course the foley ballon will be deflated when it is taken out.
    Injured May 19, 2006, C4 incomplete

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