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Thread: 2 yr PO & major bowel issues still persist...HELP!

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    When I got stopped up like that I had to give myself an enema two times to loosen it all up but it worked.
    Iron is constapating also
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    We have some drops we call Lactoboral who always helps. 15 drops in a glass of water and the next morning...

    Many use them every second day for BM, but then they take maybe 6-10 drops at night.
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    that big red bag gave me 72 hours of no poop, and i am always clogged up, going 2 times a day at my best times.
    now i will see how long i stay one enemeez and the day was ok no pressure .
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    HI girly
    I just wanted to tell u about my situation. When I was first paralyzed they did the same thing to me it typical. I was on every drug in the book not to say at first I didn’t need it for pain and whatever. Well I’m 10 years post opt as of last week. I take nothing at all I do a bowel program every other day cause it’s a pain in the ass literally. One day I just got feed up and flushed everything I started to eat healthy and drink fluid when the pain was bad I realized the meds didn’t do shit anyway so why bother they are expensive and probably aren’t good for you? I am a t11-t12 not sure what level you are? I use magic bullet suppositories they seem to work great and melt fast I do have to dig as you put it lol sometimes but it is what it is right. My suggestion to u would be take 2 weeks and try it you might have to use maralax in between days just to help back up at first but your body and mind are very weird it will get use to it. You will be better and remember to pick a time night, day, morning but stick to the routine that’s the KEY. Well if you have any questions I’d be glad to help if I can. I’m not a dr. but I live with sci DIANE

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    You still haven't said how much fluid you drink per day. Or did you say only one pint?

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    Take my advice: Stay on the medications that make you comfortable and feel whole. Your bowel issues may easily be solved with OTC Miralax. If that stuff doesn't get the shit out of you, it's going somewhere else and I hestitate to guess.

    It's not always about the pills you're taking, but often about our injuries in general. I have my ups and downs with my bowels and I only take three medicines regularly: Paxil, Xanax, and Excedrin.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Le Type Français View Post

    Take my advice: Stay on the medications that make you comfortable and feel whole.
    I could not agree more. Each of our situations is unique, and just because something works for me or somebody else, doesn't mean it will work for you. These are all merely suggestions. In the end, you are the best judge of your own body and what you need.

    Wise quoted an article over on the pain forum that said that central pain is most common with incomplete cervical injuries, esp. central cord syndrome types. Aren't we the lucky ones, Evonne? Actually it does make me feel lucky since mine is mostly controlled with topamax. Before topamax there were days I thought I was going to lose my mind, this neuro type pain will drive me crazy in ways that other, even technically more severe, pain never could. I used to tell my doc I had alien creatures inhabiting my right leg, since I had no better words to describe it. And opiates didn't do a damn thing for it, except maybe make me not care if I took enough to make me feel wasted (and I needed to function), but then that is me. Your mileage may vary.

    Okay, this is off topic but it is driving me crazy. Does anybody know why I always have to log in a second time whenever I want to post?

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    Quote Originally Posted by dunwawry View Post
    Okay, this is off topic but it is driving me crazy. Does anybody know why I always have to log in a second time whenever I want to post?
    You likely have cookies turned off. Turn them on and also allow your browser to remember the entry information for this site.

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    benefiber pills 3x a day
    glycolax at lunch
    fruit\food high in natural fiber
    tons of water
    bp same time nightly...

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    i agree with dianedank. Lots of fluids, milk, fruits and vegetables, not to much solid foods daily, exercise as much as you can, the magic bullet lets it out.
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