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Thread: Tilite TR vs ZR

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    Tilite TR vs ZR

    Hi there

    Since my powered w/c had some problems(and need to be fixed) I'm using a manual w/c and finally, I'm decided to have a better one.

    My first question is : when is about TiLite w/c why do you prefer ZR and not TR. Which is the main difference and make you to choose ZR. From the technical details i've seen that ZR is weighted than TR.

    ps: many thx sci_otr, fiente, McDuff, Hipe62, Stefano, Totol1, north_quad, chirZ and all for valuables replays. I've learned a lot from your posts.
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    First: you're welcome. That's why we post, for others to learn, as well as ourselves.

    I think there are two reasons why ZR over TR:

    1. functional - for people who collapse chairs to get in cars, the ZR with the missing lower tubing, makes it easier to maneuver in tight spaces.

    2. Aesthetics - for people like me, I drive a van so have no need to collapse a chair, the looks of a chair makes the difference. I like the look of the cantilever frame better, just less "stuff".

    As always though, you must make the final choice. They are both good chairs.
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    But the ZR only weight a bit more.
    The only reason that i`m going to order the ZR is because i like it more and because i can seat it in my car in the seat next to me, i don`t know how explain it so i put a pic

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    hello cypresss

    in order of importance:

    1 - ZR is easier than TR to get in cars and trunks.
    2 - aesthetics

    looking at the draw made by totoL1, this is the exact way that I put my chair in the rear seat cars. I just need release the wheels, in some cases I don't fold the back rest.

    the wheight is not "so" important for me, bacause I'm not able to mount/dismount my chair to put in the car trunk.

    TR chair has more resistance, the boxed frame is good for very active people who practice sports eventually or ride on the streets/sidewalks for long distances.

    Think about a good set of wheels and tires and casters.

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    Thumbs up I have a titantium TR

    It's the best chair I've had in 32 years. You can read the reviews at spokeaid. It's an A+ chair. Everyone has different tastes or needs. I'm a c7-c8 inc. and drive a van.

    TR kicks A$$. jmho
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    Quote Originally Posted by FreeBird View Post
    It's the best chair I've had in 32 years. You can read the reviews at spokeaid.
    I assume you mean Where are reviews posted on their site?

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    zr, especially if u drive a car. rep
    c4/5 inc funtioning c6. 28 yrs post.
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    The differences between the current versions of the two chairs are slight. I prefer the frame rigidity and superior rolling characteristics of the TR. I also find the lower tube is no impediment to loading the TR or resting the frame in the front (as in post #3) or rear seat.

    I like the look of the smaller diameter tubing.

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    i have a trc, and agree with foolish above - the tr also looks and feels smaller. less chair visible, and it seems to roll easier with less flex.

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    Brianm, I know that you can see reviews of chairs on Just click on a particular chair and see where to go to read the reviews.

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