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Thread: Anybody married out there?

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    hi, my husband of 26 years thought he would break me as well and still does at times. i am a t1/t2 incomplete. he did not have to do any of the big care for me but he did have to do some str. cathing in the beginning and i had a hard time with that and i figured out a way to do it myself. i have very little sensation and although he is well aware of this, i have to say he does not feel like a care giver in the bedroom.

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    wow. you girls having some loving husbands. It actually brings a smile to my face that these men stepped up and are taking care of their women.

    I got left by my loved one while I was in the hospital, and recently found out that she dated some guy from that hospital like 3 weeks after leaving me (maybe they met while she was visiting me?) and the women after her, tho were more caring of the situation, didn't stick around long. and the one that would have, didnt match my personality.

    Its good to hear success stories. maybe one day for me too.

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    Awww, you have a great hubby Evonne.

    Quote Originally Posted by Evonne View Post
    I am a C 4/5 quad married and we have a 6 yr old son. My husband has really stepped up. B4 my injury we shared many takin kids to & from school, meals, cleaning, etc. Now, my husband does the lion share of these activities, along with helpin me I got a good one in the deal.

    My husband has had to help with those awful BM issues. I figure it's just a way of life for us now, if I had a caregiver to help out I would but they are not always around. I remember a HORRIBLE experience I had and will never forget, I now have constipation issues due to the meds i take for pain, I take milk of magnesea to help. Well, the 1st time i took it i did not know how it worked and did not read the instructions. So, I am in Walmart with my 6 yr old son buying him Pokemon cards and WHAMOLITERALLY. Thank Goodness we were in the toy isle and I had Yoga pants on, but it still sucked. I just told my son we had to go, he's pissed cause he wants his cards, and all I wanna do is get outta the store. Well, we get to the car I finally settle my son down by tellin him what happened and thankgoodness I have beachtowels in my truck. I called my husband on my cell phone, he's at home, i'm in tears and he just says get home and well take care of it.

    Well, when I open the garage door there's my husband in shorts and a t-shirt with rubber boots to his knees and rubber gloves on and he's holding a rubber bucket & a handful of old towels....i just had to laugh through my tears. I pulled in and my son bolts outta the back seat and says " Daddy, Daddy, Mama Pooped in her pants!"......again I had to laugh through my tears.

    Dont know why I got into all of that other than to say, my husband & I deal with this as best as we can. He does take care of me at times, but I try to do many things on my own and help him out where I can. I do work outside the home full-time and that takes alot of energy out of me.

    I'll end with sayin that night when we put our son to bed and said prayers we did have to have that little talk with him that goes something like "now Andrew u know u don't go to school tellin all the teachers or your friends or ANYBODY that Mama pooped her pants in Walmart right??" That just stays with the family..........kinda like this huh


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    I've been a T9 para for almost 14 years and have been married for nearly 7 years. My hubby and I always try to spend at least 1 hour a week to ourselves, and go on "dates" as often as we can. A date can be anything from watching a movie together to going on a road trip. We really enjoy having a special time just for us to relax and hang out. I'm not even gonna begin to think about all the times he's had to help me. I'm very lucky in that he doesn't mind one little bit.

    Neither one of us are interested in having kids since we have little tolerance for them - so we have a golden retriever and a schnauzer mix instead.

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    My hubby is physically AB but has major depression. We started dating 10 years ago, and married 2 years ago. Our relationship is quite a balancing act! I have had HSP for 15 yrs but was finally diagnosed yesterday. We had been holding out a tiny wisp of hope that it might be something treatable, and were a little disappointed. I morosely apologized that he was stuck wih me, but he insisted that he didn't feel stuck. =)

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    My wife is a T3-T4 complete since December. I had to do all of her care initially but now we are moving away from that as she becomes more independent. I still help out with "accidents" and help move her from one spot to the other but generally don't have to do the real gritty stuff anymore. We spend some quality time together but at this time maybe I to am afraid of hurting her and perhaps "using" her so not yet. She has lots of pain. I do have to say that she is still a beautiful woman and I am very attracted to her so maybe one day soon

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    My fiance has been with me 8 years and we consider ourselves married. We would be if not for the insurance co. I'm c-5.

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    Thank you everybody for your responses. My husband and I are still figuring out how to do "this", and I think just like any other obstacle in a marriage, you either work through it or you don't. We are choosing to work through. He is working through the depression, I am working through the body image issues. That part is taking a while, I have to admit...
    on that note, I do believe the original title of my post was "Any Married Quads out There?'' I am not sure how it got changed???

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    My husband is AB. We've been married for a year - and he is my main caregiver. We met a year after my accident.
    We are trying to hire a nanny to help manage the household and some of my care.

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    Hey people... C6/7 quad married my boyfriend of 11 years in July of 2008.
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    "Always look at the bright side of life...."

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