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Thread: PERCOCET vs. Oxycodone HCL - PLEASE help!

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    Just be aware that fatal od's have gone up 140%, according Celeb Rehab, if yiu believe Dr. Drew. I do, b/c I've seen the bodies piling up, and I saw one little young pos turn blue IN MY HOME. The ER shot him in the heart w/ adrenaline, just like in Pulp Fiction. They said 2 more minutes and that little pos wouldn't have lived. Don't mix your opiates and benzos!

    Not that you sound like you're at risk of this, but you're new to the game and newbies die. Pros do too, usually after they get clean and then relapse (which explains Mr. Blue at my house.)

    If you wind up on oxy for a while, invest in lots of Imodium when you quit. You will have the diarrhea from hell, pain that is indescribable. I swear, every pain you dodge using that stuff comes to visit when you finally kick it to the curb. You won't die from it, but you might wish you would.

    That's the check you're writing when you use opiates. They come to collect, w/ interest. I wish they'd invent something else, I wish it so BAADDDDD.

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    I have a legit and truthful question. I get Hydrocodone 10/325 prescribed every two weeks however I'm not taking them as prescribed and out of them by a week and a half which leaves me 3 to 4 days of withdrawal effects. I had back surgery on my L4/L5 not too long ago and really should just stop taking the pain meds but I'm having a hard time stopping and wanting more, basically due to the stimulant I get whenever I get them again. They make me feel more confident when I have them and then I'm in a slump for a few days without them.

    Have any of you had success getting off of pain meds and how? I'd rather be off of them but my will is not strong enough apparently. I still have a lot of back pain but I just feel my life and psyche would be much better without them.

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    Smile I was changed too

    I'm sorry your having issues on the change, I was on Percocet 10/325 5 times a day after 6 years my Liver enzymes shot up and I became very ill requiring hospitalization let me tell you when they told me it was the tylenol from the Percocet I asked to take me off of it. My Doctor agreed no Tylenol based meds at all and put me on the Oxycodone Hydrochloride tabs 5mg x 2
    I noticed no difference, I wish I didn't have to take it to live a decent life, but the injury I have suffered won't allow me to hardly move because of the pain. I asked if they could cut the nerve that leads to my left leg since it doesn't work anyhow and their answer was no. I am starting on Lyrica to see if that calms it down I wish to be off of Opoids. I actually weened myself off of Oxycontin 160 mg 3xs a day with the help of my doctor. 5 years went by and I didn't even know it.
    I've had a quality life while on pain management, I hope it will be as quality when I get off of them.
    Good luck to you

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    If you are considering a Medtronic spinal stimulator,look into it fully. I have one for lower back pain and it sucks. After charging Medicare and my private insurance company $136,000 I am planning to have it removed. The promises they gave me were bull. Think twice, good luck. I still say there is nothing like good ole oxy.

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    I just signed up because I found this thread on Google and had to make a couple of comments!! it is people like kkmay that make it difficult for those of us who truly experience pain to get prescribed the proper medication! I was an emergency room 1 time and watched a woman hobble out on crutches!! she had 2 prescriptions in her hand and as soon as she walked out of the hospital she picked the crutches up and walked normally!! doctors are terrified to write prescriptions for narcotics because the government has cracked down on them so much!! I got lucky and found an amazing pain management doctor who is work with me for several years to find the right mixture of meds to help alleviate a good amount of my pain!! I had a spinal fusion done at L4 and L5 in 2005!! I got screwed because it was through workers comp and the surgeon they sent me to was a complete hack!! he left a 12 millimeter piece of bone in my back and he used two cages to fuse my spine instead of one!! to 2nd surgeon said that I had so much scar tissue that look like I already had 3 or 4 different surgeries!! the fusion was supposed to be at least a 6 hour surgery and I was his only patient of the day and he got it done in under 4 hours then he left for his family vacation!?! the second surgeon went in and he tunneled out the nerve that was being compressed and said there really wasn't anything else he could do! I had a spinal cord stimulator put in shortly after that and contrary to what a lot of people say, I think it works great and it really has helped with most of the pain my legs but only helps a little bit with the back!! I guess I rambled enough but I'm sure most of you understand that lmao......... I absolutely hate taking medication and I'm trying my hardest to work myself down off of them but I don't think I'll ever be able to because I have so many problems!?! I do trust that God has a plan and whatever his plan is I will be happy with

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    Gabopentin + Percoset

    This has been a helpful thread. I have Cauda Equina Syndrome and have been taking Percocet for about four years now as a 'booster' to Neurontin (1800mg/day) when the pain really ratchets up (usually in the evening). I have described Oxy to friends by saying that if you could put 1 part demon and 1 part angel into a pill it would be Oxycodone. Over four years my avg. daily Oxy intake has increased from 5mg to 15mg. I don't know if that's 'good' or not (or even if there is such a thing as 'good', maybe it is what it is.

    Living with pain is very hard, Learning to treat it is even harder.

    Sometimes I feel guilty taking Oxy even when my legs and feet are ablaze.
    I have seen it destroy people (both young and old)

    In the last 6 months my pain frequency and levels have spiraled out of control.

    This week I went to a 'pain specialist' for the first time and he has recommended I consider a Spinal Cord Stimulator. I came home and immediately went to this site to begin my research.

    For most of the last four years I have tried to ride out my pain and old off from Oxy till at least 8:00 pm, yet recently I've heard or read (can't remember which) that its better the meet the pain at the beginning with smaller doses that having to play catch up. Maybe that's where the time-released Oxy comes in.

    I have a lot to learn. Looks like I'm only going to make it til 7:00 tonight, my ankle feels like a chainsaw is cutting through it.

    His love compels

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    Quote Originally Posted by mts3779 View Post
    All I have to say is shame on you for thinking what you did was funny. Having real pain sucks and I hope kkmay you never have pain so bad you need to rely on the drug...................................
    And YOU should find a forum to troll that is not for people with spinal cord injuries, which you do NOT have.


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    could be wrong but i was told oxycodone is generic for percocet. ???

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    Quote Originally Posted by springville girl View Post
    could be wrong but i was told oxycodone is generic for percocet. ???
    Not quite. Oxycodone is the generic name of an opioid that is widely prescribed, either by itself or in combination drugs. Percocet is one of several brand name combination drugs that are a mix of oxycodone and acetaminophen (Tylenol). Here are a list of drugs that contain oxycodone (in the USA).


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    I am new to this sight, not new to pain. I currently take oxycodone hcl 10mg for chronic pain an spinal stenosis along with DDD. I try to only take them when in alot of pain. I am perscribed 10mg every 4 hours an dont have alot of information on this medication so I joined to read an learn.

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