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Thread: Colonoscopy Prep & SCI

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    Question Colonoscopy Prep & SCI

    Is there a better way than drinking all that laxative & waiting for an accident to happen. And I don't really feel like laying in bed on chucks for 24 hours.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Norm View Post
    Is there a better way than drinking all that laxative & waiting for an accident to happen. And I don't really feel like laying in bed on chucks for 24 hours.
    Yes, find a colorectal practice, such as the one I go to (can you travel to NYC for the procedure?) that offers the PIE machine for colonoscopy prep.
    If not, call the manufacturer and see if there's a physician practice in your area that uses the PIE.

    The only thing I took for my last procedure was Milk of Magnesia (though they suggest Dulcolax tablets).
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    Hi Norm

    Maybe Roto-Router is the quickest, lol. My experience was, take a pill (this was 2 pm) 2 hours prior to drinking a gallon of this sewer water. Tasted terrible, drink 8 ounces every 10 minutes, until gone. I think every other glass came back up. Drinking this crap all the while on the pot. Took me 4 hours, aarrgg. Hope you fair better than I. I forgot to empty my bowels that morning, duh. The pill and gallon jug was provided by my Doctor

    Good luck!!!!

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    I had to go through the whole clean out process and it was worth every minute I spent. Just do whatever you have to do to get cleaned out for the procedure. You will not regret it.
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    my preparation didn't last so long (24 hrs). i didn't want to do it at home, so i asked the doctor to be admitted in the hospital, where i drank 1 gallon of disgusting laxative (YUCK!) and it took me a few hours to get all cleaned, to the point that all that i was evacuating was water.

    i wish you good luck with your procedure!
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    is that where they cram the scope up your butt?
    my first time it was hell, like a day and a half of going going going
    the last time it was only 24 hours, but it's only every five years, so i lived with it
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    Norm, A lot of it would depend on your Dr.'s preference. I know some docs insist on the patients swilling a gallon of "GoLytly". Others will have you use different agents to clean you out. I cannot tell you exactly what others took...I'm a GoLytly guy myself. I was lucky enough to get admitted to the hospital for the was an awful and continuous mess. I do know the docs go nutty if you are not completely cleaned out because they have to reserve time in the colonocopy suite. I've found that drinking the GoLytly at room temperature was best. Forget sipping it with a straw, on ice and in a little Dixie cup. Sit up, Man up and chug that shit from a tall beer glass!

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    I took two small bottles of oral fleet and it did not clean me out completely. Much less of a hassle than the gallon drink, but not effective enough for me. As a result, I have to redo the procedure again in a year.
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    It is important to follow the prep regimen prescribed by the doctor doing the procedure. You will probably be asked to verify that you did so when checking in for the procedure, and they may cancel you if you did not (don't try to get around it by lying...they will know instantly during the procedure if you did not do it correctly).

    I recommend if at all possible that you push to get a 23 hour hospital admission. This is considered an "outpatient admission" as long as you are not there more than 23 hours. We do this, admitting in the afternoon of the day before the procedure with you already having started the clear liquid diet the day before, and doing regular bowel care as scheduled, then take the fun stuff (Golytely for us) and have the nurses help with on/off commode and clean up through the evening and night, then if needed, doing an enema in the AM prior to having the scope. Recover from the anesthesia and get home to a real meal. Ask your doctor if this can be arranged. It makes a painful process more tolerable.


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    I know that KLD is not a big fan of the PIE in general, but I've had two colonoscopy procedures done so far and was prepped each time with it. It proved to be quick and thorough and, if available to you (or you to it), a far better alternative than checking into the hospital and drinking a gallon of vile Golytely and shitting for hours and hours (and sometimes extending beyond the procedure, as some here have reported).

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