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Thread: Gabapentin/Neurontin cream?

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    Gabapentin/Neurontin cream?

    Has anyone ever heard of this in a cream form where you apply it to the area of neuropain? I saw some buzz about this but wonder if it exists?

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    Yes, it exists but it is not espesially for neuropain. It is a NSAID cream, it helps for inflamation and pain. Here it is called Capcula and you need a doctor's prescription
    TH 12, 43 years post

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    Capsaicin cream is made out of the stuff that makes chilis hot and has been used successfully in neuro pain. Apparently it can burn like hell the first few times but you need to bear with it. I haven't had any experience with it personally but a quick google should give you some insight into it. I guess you also need to be careful about which part of your body the cream gets on!

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    you need a scipt...the pharmacist compounds was very pricy and didn't last long (month or so) before it loses it's strength...didn't seem to help any more than the capisen...find a pharmacy that compounds drugs and I'm sure they can make it...they crush the drug and add some special cream...they put it in syringes...

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    neurontin can be made by a compound pharmacy into a cream. It is frequently used in this way with other nerve pain related medications

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    Me thinks icyhot or asper-cream have the same affect - tried them - neurontin worked better in pill form, and lasts longer, been taking it for 4 years now for diabetic neuropithy (ok, we all know I can't spell!).
    Just my opinion, of course. Good luck!!

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