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Thread: Dme reviews- good and bad

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    they hold up great and no black hands. i've been running them for a month or so. rep
    c4/5 inc funtioning c6. 28 yrs post.
    sponsored handcycle racer

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    NuMotion (ATG) in Montgomeryville, PA is awful. Took them three months to order a J2 cushion and they sucked at communicating. You could never call and speak to a person. They charged my insurance $1200 for a $400 cushion. I went through a similar experience when buying my TiLite TX.
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    I gave up on EdgePark recently after they were unable to fulfill my request for catheters. I'm using the Teleflex Rusch MMG H20 closed system and they never hand them in stock and fail to notify me about the backorder. I even called TeleFlex and they said they were readily available and that there should be any issues obtaining them. I'm trying out CompleteCare Medical now.

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    I'm a disabled vet, the biggest problem is how long it takes to get a new chair but after reading this I know now that I have little to gripe about. I use the manufacturer 's field reps. Last November I requested a lighter chair due to arm weakness from my minor C6 injury. I also wanted better hand rims to help with my grip weakness. I ended up test driving a Q7R and TiLite. The Q7R fit me better so I went with Sunrise. When the field reps came to measure me for the chair they realized that my old chair was inadequate. The offered to let me keep their demo chair until my new chair was delivered. I was floored, the Sunrise Medical reps let me keep their chair for 3 months. Their focus on customer service and level of end user commitment is unprecedented. They are on contract and their treatment of one patient would have no bearing on the company's bottom line. I thought that alone was worth mentioning.

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    Two years late but I highly recommend the Syrge LT hand rims. The top surface is grippy but the flat outer surface isn't which can make slowing down easier. I've been using them for three months.

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