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Thread: Dme reviews- good and bad

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    Quote Originally Posted by steveg View Post
    Apria Healthcare in Burr Ridge, IL (outside of CHicago) was horrible to deal with and always got my orders messed up. I too would go sit in their lobby to make certain they ordered the right parts, etc. Apria sold this part of their business to a company called RehabTECH/Wheelchair Doctors but did not get product (wheelchair etc.) serial numbers in the transaction so getting parts can be an issue until you find the serial number.

    They have recently closed the Burr Ridge location and I found their location in Lombard, IL. I went in to order some new tires and tubes and some front casters. I was told that it could be a few weeks to a few months because they were on credit hold with some of their vendors. Their claim is Illinois is slow paying its bills and some of their suppliers won't release parts. Even when I said I'd pay out of my own pocket I was told it may not matter with some suppliers. I was told this is similar for other DMEs in Illinois and other states but wonder. Has anyone else been experiencing this? I'm a bit nervous because if I need a part and I am willing to pay for it I may have to wait for some undefined period of time.
    SteveG, your recent experience with RehabTech interests me. This year, we tried for a new power chair for my husband from Medicare thru Rehab Tech, because we had had very good, knowledgeable in home service from their Wheelchair Drs. repair technician for my husband's Permobil. However, from the time of order in July 2011, I never heard one word from the RehabTech sales dept. Medicare sent us a rejection letter dated December 5, 2011, but I never heard from RehabTech concerning the denial. Yesterday, I e-mailed RehabTech asking what did they intend to do about apealing, etc., & what I got back today was a forward of my e-mail to somebody at a different company. . .United Seating . . . asking for an update . . .

    I share your memories of Apria . . .
    And, as to buying parts, or even a chair outside the DME environment, Permobil does not make it easy . . .

    If I learn anything more about what is going on at RehabTech, I'll post.

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    ATG Ft. Wayne, IN.

    ATG did a real good job in getting the proper wheelchair and going through the right process in fitting and making sure the chair was right for me. Here is the problem- they charged almost exactly twice as much as the chair was worth. I did the process online with the manufacturer and compared with itemized bill from ATG and proved the over charging. How can they justfy this? No wonder health care costs are so out of control and where will it end? Between the health care professionals, DME's, and the health insurance comapnies the greed is insane and it is screwing the patients who need the supplies, care, and coverage. Is there anything that can be done or will it spiral out of control until people are dying because they cannot afford or get access to the right care and supplies? I'm not only worried but scared!!!
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    I just got my bill from ATG for my chair the mark up is at 250%!! I first called to have someone come measure me and indicated that I was looking around at other DME providers and the lady on the phone said need to know if you are going with us or not you can't shop around. We will not sell you a chair unless we can make a PROFIT on you.
    I looked around online and at other DME providers only to find out ATG is my only choice I have for my insurance that is in network that has someone to measure. So begrudgingly I called and made a apontmont to get my chair. The person came to my house i told them I wanted this chair and had the order form filled out. They tried to talk me out of my choice because colours is a high end company and they don't deal with them. I asked if they where going to measure me they said that since I have my own measurements I had to sign of on them.this is my first chair!!! They finally measured me really quick and left my house. Attitude is everything and they lack in this area. I have complained about this statement to me about wanting to make a PROFIT of me. They made this statement to me three times and think there is nothing wrong saying it to a customer!! This puts motive for what they are charging for my chair that is marked up 250%!! If you went to by a car and the company told you WE WILL NOT SELL TO YOU UNLESS WE CAN MAKE A PROFIT you would leave.I did not have a choice and was stuck and feel like this place will make my life worse than it is for telling the truth. I do not want to be treated this way and hate felling trapped because my insurance. They are rude and do not listen to the customer. Look at the BBB this company has a F rating. This companys customer service is worse than 7-11 at 3 in the morning!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Disneytodd View Post
    They are rude and do not listen to the customer. Look at the BBB this company has a F rating. This companys customer service is worse than 7-11 at 3 in the morning!!
    Hey now, I've always found the service at 7-11 at 3 AM to be very good. Much better than say 3 in the afternoon when they are filled with a bunch of kids shoplifting and monopolizing the slurp machine.

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    Your right it is good customer service .at 7-11 but I think my point came across ok.

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    If you are reading this and live in Portland, OR please don't just rush into a relationship with United Seating. The rehab unit here has some deal in place with them and that is the only place they will tell you about. All In One Mobility offers everything that they do with customer service actually being helpful and telling you about the latest and greatest before just issuing you what is easiest and most cost effective for them. They also do hand controls and car/van mods. Also not mentioned by Rio rehab. They sent me on a field trip to Performance Mobility to demo hand controls and never mentioned that there are other companies here in town. Second vehicle I took to All In One and they nailed it for $200 less,(The first time. Not the case at performance). Although they did make an effort to correct their mistake and I commend that. I still am sold on All In One. Sorry Performance and United!

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    united seating in stlouis sucks very bad at keeping in touch and forgets you after the sale
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    Quote Originally Posted by wheelin 48 View Post
    united seating in stlouis sucks very bad at keeping in touch and forgets you after the sale
    Pinnacle rehab solution suuucks, only problems, no response after parts ordered... waited for my chair for about 9 months after approved by medicaid and then wrong parts ordered - i bought a pwr chair w/ my own money and ordered some parts from them, they double charged me for parts and labor and messed up my chair - they got bought out by united seating and mobility 2 months ago
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    I've tried Southwest Mobility and wasn't happy with their service so went to United Seating & Mobility and was less happy for wheelchairs. I've heard that Leeden is the best in the valley for chairs, but won't accept my insurance. Symbius has been very good for bathroom supplies and helped us get a stander.

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    Has anyone used a Chicago branch of United Seating and Mobility? Any input - positive or negative? I haven't had luck with my current place I'm trying to order a chair through, and so Permobil specifically referred me to USM. I would appreciate ANY feedback!

    I did a search of this thread for any reviews, and they were all bad - but they were other branches. That gives me sort of a worried feeling about the deal!

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