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Thread: Dme reviews- good and bad

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    After six years in my chair, I am finally beginning to educate myself on the purchase of wheelchairs. I have a TiLite ZRA, which I got directly out of Rehab. My out of pockets was close to $3K.

    In 2009 a DME ILL-fitted me in a 20" Invacare Top End Titanium. I like the chair, but it's too wide. I'm looking for someone who might be able to swap frames.

    In 2010 I developed CHF, which required me to get a powerchair. I used the same DME that I used on my first chair purchase. I still have an outstanding balance of $1.9K on the power chair.

    I've been looking on eBay and Amazon, and I'm now realizing that I could get this equipment much cheaper than what I'm paying my DME.

    Any words on knowledge?

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    Pensacola Rehab help?

    Quote Originally Posted by 24/7 Quad View Post
    I am also trying to locate a DME in Florida. I need to order a new TIlite and nobody near me deals with them. I called 5 of the DMEs listed on the TIlite dealer locator site and 4 never even heard of TIlite. Phone calls and emails to TIlite haven't produced a solution. All I need is for someone to process the paperwork who is a Preffered Blue Cross supplier. I'll call a few of the recommended sources from the previous posts and see if I can get the order processed even if I'm in another state.
    Haven't been up that way in a while, but P'Cola used to have a good rehab hospital. Maybe they can help hook you up?

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    Good Online Dealer

    Good service! I have them in my favorites.

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    Prefered Home Care In Arizona. Total Ass Wads. They screw around so much and then wonder why your calling and complaining. I hope my chair comes in right. if not i'll be pissed. and my insurance will hear about it and so won't the DME. i know so many other people who are having major problems with them its sickening.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LindaT View Post
    ATG rehab in Denver has left us twisting in the winds of MN.
    i HATE atg rehab in denver. i'm still waiting on my chair and i've been in a loaner for 5 months. this is because the rep didn't start looking at my paperwork for 2 months after the sales guy recorded everything. now she's gotten the wrong information twice from a PT who i clearly said i don't use, instead of my doctor, despite me finally calling my insurance (Tricare/Triwest) and being told a doctor can complete the forms. she takes days to get ahold of and days to get the proper information faxed in (and still does it wrong). triwest gets back to her in 1-2 days and somehow i still don't have a chair. i want to complain but i don't know who too. all the other DMEs i could find in the denver area that took my insurance only carried bulky invacares. i've been on the phone daily trying to make sure paperwork gets to the right place. the loaner literally is falling apart despite my fiance and i taking screwdrivers and other tools to it to fix what i can. they left me without a cushion for MONTHS despite me calling to say the front wheels kept flipping stopping my chair or sending it sideways, they were bent and that i had no cushion and was about to get pressure sores. i've driven the 45 min - hour multiple times because they said it would take 3 weeks to get me a loaner chair that was sitting there, to get a cushion i had to almost threaten them to find for me (their response "we didn't know you didn't have one".... umm yeah when you met me i told you the loaner i had didn't come with a proper one and i was using a makeshift thing with foam and pillows the sales rep saw, and then the loaner i got from them didn't have one)

    i wish there was someone that could hold these lazy, incompetent reps accountable! getting a proper wheelchair isn't some nice perk in our lives, it's a medical necessity!!

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    SO my DME said my "This is unexceptable behavior from you! You should be nice to people who try to help you. You need to find another vendor to work on your chair from now on." (note the misspelling lol)

    Why? Because I have been trying to get a back from Supracor through him for over a month. he keeps telling me they only make a lumbar support, even after I sent him this link which even gives him the Meidcare number. He kept misquoting the amount for the wheels I wanted, not including my secondary insurance. I was bitchy and told him he should know the products he was trying to sell. So he fired me. SO much for customer service.

    I forgave him and overlooked it 2 years ago when I asked him the difference in the Ti and the Gti. He replied "The GTi is the Quickie that we've been looking at, and the Ti is a TiLite chair that we first started talking about. I think you mean the Quickie GT with the titanium upgrade... which makes it a "GTi".
    Um the Ti was also a quickie, but they discontinued it. HELLO know your product you are a fucking wheelchair guy WTF? So anyway I went with the TiLite and had to have the TiLite rep come do measurements because the DME could not understand what I was talking about when it came to the bend and other issues.

    How frustrating why is it so hard to find a DME who knows something?

    Not to mention he billed Medicare $40 for fitting a cushion this spring, when they had it shipped directly to me. I think I will report that to Medicare now.
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    By the way it is advanced health care in madison, tn

    Pete Clinard does the chair fitting. he can be a nice guy, but knows little about manuals. He once told me frog legs were for power chairs and he didn't recommend them.
    If you can't handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don't deserve me at my best.

    Sometimes it is easier to widen doors than it is to open minds.

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    I can not wait to post my story about my DME provider but am afraid to post anything until I actually get my chair in my house. I have never felt so trapped and captive by any company but this one takes the cake for being the worst company out their I would rather make a deal with th mob than do business with this place.

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    Was it Wheelchairs Plus, weezle TJ??
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    @ lorrie it was not anyone you mentioned.

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