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    Everyone's experiences matter. But they won't indicate the level of service you will get unless you are getting the same product at the same location with the same insurance. I am reading horror stories about NuMotion and National Seating and Mobility in other areas. But I have had pretty good experiences with both in my area. On the other hand, I was getting excellent (relative term) service from a small local shop when I had private insurance. But they refused to even try with Medicare.

    Of course there are exceptions, like the company is going out of business, or someone is incompetent. But generally, the level of service you get is in line with how well they get paid. Of course, you may say that Medicare pays the same everywhere so this should not matter. Yes and no. Medicare guidelines are a moving target. Billing Medicare seems to be an "art". Plus there is a huge difference between Original Medicare and Medicare Advantage. Original Medicare is centralized, rigid, government bureaucracy. Medicare Advantage is managed locally and privately. They have to follow Original Medicare guidelines as a baseline standard. But they are free to do better if they wish. And they do, in my experience. For example, Original Medicare guidelines prohibit upgrading a wheelchair to a titanium frame. Not so with Medicare Advantage. Because both the insurance company and medical group in Medicare Advantage are private sector, their compensation is in line with their performance. The better they manage, the more money they make, and the better they are able to serve you.

    In other words, it's not meaningful to assess DME performance without also considering the location, insurance, and medical group.
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