Health Aid of Ohio screwed my chair up. I was at Metro , they and Metro have some kinda deal going on. HAO has a Christmas party every year for the PT"s and OT's , humm. They came to measure me at Metro for my chair. Just my luck I get some rookie. After waiting like 6 months after I was home , the chair finally came. I'm a T-4 and the chair was for a T-12 or lower. Also for somebody about 5' 8" , not 6' 3". Balance was way off , wrong backrest , chair to low and to short. My PT who comes to the house saw it and just laughed. Told me to get the right chair. They screwed up big time. So I spend 4 or 5 months in this chair waiting on the new one. They should of just left the loaner or brought it back. New chair comes. Has the right back and seat. The color was wrong lol. Also the chair again is to short. He moves the axle assy. all the way back and it's very tippy. Bunch of guys at a company I did work for built my ramp for the front door. Their all carpenters and got the specs from the ADA. The chair is so tippy I cannot go up the ramp forward. I have to go up backwards. If I go up forward the front wheels just go up and you get nowhere lol. Both wheelie bars have broken off. Needless to say massive head slam lol. My buddy made me some from steel. Chairs so tippy , it would be nasty life without them. You call them they could care less. Then they had the balls to bill me for the changes on the new chair. They sold me a T-4. I worked on my harley less. I'm always fixing something on this pc of crap. in about a year i get a new one. When this one was ordered I knew nothing about chairs. I trusted them for their experience lol. When I get the new one you can bet it will fit me right and it won't be from them idiots at health aid of Ohio.