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Thread: Dme reviews- good and bad

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    Dme reviews- good and bad


    lets start documenting our dme's both local and national. we all know they are getting greedy.

    millers akron, oh. i dont recommend. they will only do chairs w/ highest reimbursment, which equals shit. rep
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    mods, hellooooooooooooooooooooo rep
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    Thx guys...........

    Ok bring it on. This can be a wealth of info rep
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    Carolina Mobility - Chesapeake, VA Office

    Long term para running the front end, spec'ing chairs. Nice guy, good experience. Shop runs at a kind of a slow pace, but what DME could ever be called fast?!?

    I liked dealing with them. Next time I have to go to ins for a chair I'll start there first, for sure.

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    Metro Rehab Services - Chicago area (Rehab Institute of Chicago vendor)

    VERY POOR. Will never use them again.

    - Many errors with ordering equipment
    (ordered wrong shower chair, wrong shower bench when discharged)

    - Equipment was not ready when discharged from the hospital

    - Wheelchair ordering hell

    Despite us ensuring all paperwork/documentation needed for ordering wheelchair was complete, delayed even sending it to insurance (Blue Cross Blue Shield) for pre-certification for months until I threatened to report them.

    Terrible customer service - never called back, lame excuses, unreliable. Poorly staffed without multiple people covering. Everyone seems to go home early (eg. 3pm).

    Repeatedly sent opaque, confusing bills for thousands of dollars to my parents that were WRONG. All for things that we knew insurance would pay for (everything was pre-approved) and that they had not processed properly. I thought this was near fraud, as my parents would have ignorantly paid the bills if I hadn't intercepted them. And every time I called to ask what the bills were even FOR they acted like they had no idea what was wrong... The bills didn't even say what they were for!!

    Incompetent billing agent - admitted she wasn't experienced with Medicare! Made many mistakes submitting the claims to Medicare - I had to clarify them in the end and facilitate payment by our insurance companies as she clearly did not know how to.

    Had to call literally dozens of times to push them or I suspect we would have never seen our wheelchair.

    You know it's bad when Medicare actually recommends that you switch Providers.

    The only positive note is their wheelchair specialist who works with the OT at RIC - Dave Knight. A very good guy, fairly earnest, tried to help us. When we finally got our wheelchair - and the wheels didn't fit the frame (!) he was good about getting the problem rectified quickly (2 weeks).

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    Great guys, this is something all us gimps need, a resource to dme's. They are going to shit fast. rep
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    i live in new mexico , i used united seating and mobility , very poor , they are unqualified to do work stay clear , the sales rep chanin is a jerk is only concerned about his commission , isnt a dme suppose to help us not screw us .

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    Chesapeake Rehab Equip. - Philly office is sloooow and has messed up all my orders

    The service dept. is awesome, but the head tech just left... so who knows now!
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    health aid of ohio.

    long story short, i was disputing a bill w/ them while trying to get zr ordered. after they would not give me a copy of what they billed i got it from my ins, they inflated several items 2-3 x's retail, then charged me a percentage of that. then they wanted money down b4 ordering my new zr, i said hell know and moved on, when they found out where i went they called that company and said i wasnt paying a 500 bill, yup hipaa violation.

    they have no idea what they stirred up. i lodged complaints w/ bbb, attorney general , inspector general and brought the fraud issue to anthems attention. i recieved a letter from anthem and inspter gen, they are both going to investigate.

    the girl rachel i went through on my 1st zr was great, but she moved on, the new rep got greedy.

    the hr girl hndeling this for health aid is incompent and potentially cost them alot of headaches and fines, not to mention the anthem fraud issue.

    the one positive w/ them is the service guy hes incredible.

    these dme's have us at their mercy or so they think, stand up for your rights, dont take any shit.

    funny thing, i did all the work, they did nothing but fax what i had sent to them to anthem. spec sheet, ltr med nec, everything, i do it all. they would have made money for doing nothing. rep
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    I use Alegent Home Health in Omaha, Ne. They are very good Have been using them for 7 years when I call they will come over that day or the next. Just this week I called on Tuesday for batteries & arm rests they came on wed.

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