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Thread: Dme reviews- good and bad

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    Numotion Ohio and Kentucky have huge problems. I think the main problem is that Numotion (national) has negotiated numerous exclusivity contracts with health insurers (including workers' comp). I theorize they got these exclusivity arrangements by promising to work on such razor thin margins that they are hopelessly understaffed and supersaturated with work. As a result things take far longer than they should and many mistakes are made.

    As much as I like some of the Numotion employees in my area, they are a disaster of DME provider.
    numotion in tallahasse is a joke and they tell untruths tried to get a smart drive got all the stuff get a call from eva on to pay 285.00 for my part then i get a call 2 month to buy it out right i ask what about medicare long story short they have never subbmitted to medicare i ask for my money back said be a restocking fee no as u never filed for medicare so i have credit card people involved they are a joke

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    Update to NC. Met with DME and physical therapist . Was very pleased. I think it is true what has been said. Nu Motion is huge company. People are good. Company being so big makes it hard. Scott totally rocked it. Between the both I feel much more at ease and understand better. Yay. And I think he is bringing me a loaner cushion. I am very thankful. C
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