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Thread: Dme reviews- good and bad

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    Numotion Ohio and Kentucky have huge problems. I think the main problem is that Numotion (national) has negotiated numerous exclusivity contracts with health insurers (including workers' comp). I theorize they got these exclusivity arrangements by promising to work on such razor thin margins that they are hopelessly understaffed and supersaturated with work. As a result things take far longer than they should and many mistakes are made.

    As much as I like some of the Numotion employees in my area, they are a disaster of DME provider.
    numotion in tallahasse is a joke and they tell untruths tried to get a smart drive got all the stuff get a call from eva on to pay 285.00 for my part then i get a call 2 month to buy it out right i ask what about medicare long story short they have never subbmitted to medicare i ask for my money back said be a restocking fee no as u never filed for medicare so i have credit card people involved they are a joke

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    Update to NC. Met with DME and physical therapist . Was very pleased. I think it is true what has been said. Nu Motion is huge company. People are good. Company being so big makes it hard. Scott totally rocked it. Between the both I feel much more at ease and understand better. Yay. And I think he is bringing me a loaner cushion. I am very thankful. C
    Non-traumatic SCI. Art, Poetry, and the Great Outdoors; these are my passions. My motto: Paint much love, always ~ Connie

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    49Bespoke and Soul Wheelchair Studio service Toronto and the GTA up here in Ontario, Canada. I've used Reg at 49Bespoke for my chair and Batac. David at Soul is great for seating among other things. I think he's in Whitby.

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