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Thread: Meds for BM Routine prep

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    Meds for BM Routine prep

    What do you guys take in the way of bowel prep? i take 3 senakot 12 hours before my routine [which is in the morning every other day], a fibercon in the morning and evening, and a colace morning and evening. It just IS not working out so well lately. i really would love to get off the senna. Any luck w/ magic cleanse from the same shop that makeS the mgc bullets?
    juSt try to compare

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    A bowel prep is used to clean out the entire bowel prior to surgery or procedures like a sigmoidoscopy or colonoscopy. You should not be trying to clean out your entire intestine daily. It can be dangerous. Only then, or if you are impacted, should the strong stimulants and laxatives be used.

    For a person with a SCI above the mid-thoracic level, average transit time is around 48-72 hours (compared to 8-24 hours for ABs). This means that at any time, you have about 3 days worth of food/stool in your intestines. When you do bowel care, you should be attempting to clean out the stool in the rectum and sigmoid colon, but not much more than that.

    Use of strong laxatives and stimulants, on a regular basis (as well as routine enemas) is highly associated with the long term development of an obstructive megacolon in people with SCI. It is better to try to avoid these in favor of a diet high in fiber (30 gm. daily) and water, stool softeners (without stimulants), standing on a regular basis, and exercise (both of which increase the rate of peristalsis). This is in addition to following other well-developed guidelines for bowel care in persons with SCI.

    As always, if you have not downloaded and carefully read this booklet on SCI bowel care, do so now:

    (PS: I assume you have a spinal cord injury, but cannot tell since your profile is blank.)


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