Southern Human Rights Organizers Network
SHRON serves as an important link between US Southern human rights struggles and those in the Global South. The primary goal of the network is to develop innovative and practical methods of organizing across the region. Another important objective is to strengthen the capacity of civil rights and social justice organizations in the Deep South. This would enable these organizations to expand their programmatic work beyond civil rights and social justice campaigns to more effectively address international human rights issues.

The reality of globalization demands that the US southern human rights struggle connects with struggles in other parts of the world. Through SHRON, activists and organizers will work together across the region to build an anti-racism movement that adheres to a human rights framework in its struggle toward justice.

Everyone should be aware of their individual human rights and have the capacity to defend them. SHRON uses a collaborative approach to fighting injustice by encouraging activists from the anti-racist, women's rights, children's rights, disability rights, and gay rights movement to come together as a unified force. This collective working approach also extends beyond national borders, as we share common struggles in the US South with those in the global southern region.


Now more than ever, we must continue to build a human rights movement in the South, where...

slavery was born and is alive and well

workers do back-breaking work for low wages

democracy was held hostage and thousands were forced into silence and invisibility

racism, sexism & homophobia are alive & well ]website