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Thread: Frustrating Bowl Issues....

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    Frustrating Bowl Issues....

    I apologize for presenting this in advance for being so negative but I got three issues, one is coming to an end, (my baclofen) finding a target dose, a pressure ulcer that I posted a few days ago on my left buttock that will require a FLAP. Thank you for your feedback on that.


    I am having a hell of a time having a bowl movement and I went to the ER yesterday and they couldn't get anything out with an enema. I haven't had a good BM, if you will, since I got home from the hospital on April 1. I began using suppositories and enemas and I am suppositories and en amen out. My home nurse said that isn't good to use those two items over a period of time because you become dependent on them. So, I started a started using none of the above-mentioned items and with 3 stool softeners and 1 8 oz of metamucil last night. Even with that, NOTHING. I have had NOTHING come out. It is Sooo frustrating. I have enough on my mind with this upcoming FLAP surgery which will be hell. Or which I think it will.

    My intintion was not to sign off on a negative note. I guess I am looking for feedback and venting at the same time. It feels "good."


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    If you have not had a BM in several days, it may be that the stool is too high up for the enema/suppository.
    I recommend 1/2-1 bottle of magnesium citrate ( I believe this is OTC). This is a strong laxative and should only be used infrequently if your regular bowel program does not work. Once this works, you may want to add the stool softener and increase fluids and fiber on a regular basis so this doesn't happen again.


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    Then make sure you wear a brief for the next couple of days because that stuff WILL clean you out, big time. Sitting in that stuff for an extended period could cause a pressure ulcer.
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