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Thread: My update....... This is just the past two weeks!!!!

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    My update....... This is just the past two weeks!!!!

    Ok, so I have decided to post an update on myself since I really haven't posted much in a while. If for some reason you really don't want to read an update on me please don't continue reading.

    I have been in the hospital for what will be two weeks on Monday. My blood pressure was dropping into very unsafe ranges. Once I actually passed out. So the first few days I kept having low bp regardless of meds so they ran tests on my heart. For those of you that don't know, I also have a few things wrong with my heart. I was told that if I did not receive a new heart in 3-5 yrs that I would not live past then. I then got that nice elevated fever that at the highest was slightly over 103. It is now down to 101 while on three abx that are being delivered through a central line. The infection is/was in my heart. While I had the fever my bp came up slightly but now that it is being taken care of the bp is again shifting toward the lower end.

    I was told today that as long as my temp continues to drop and if my bp doesn't get much lower I might be able to be discharged Tuesday still taking the abx of course.

    Because of all of this I have missed my finals and get to take incompletes but will finish the courses this summer and be ok for fall, hopefully.

    Anyway, thats whats new with me. Hope to be more active on here this summer. I hope everyone else is ok.

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    Wow Becky, that sounds serious. Please do keep us posted. What is the outlook on the heart transplant? I’m thinking of you.


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    Wow you sure have been through quite a bit the past few weeks and then some. Didn't realize how much of an issue you have with the heart. I sure hope your family is there for you. I'm wishing you well and as random said please keep us posted.

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    Becky, the last couple of weeks sounds pretty hellish, and I hope you are able to come home on Tuesday and that things improve rapidly!

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    Positive thoughts and wishes for good health going your way Becky.

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    Becky, I'm sorry you're having a rough time. I hope you feel better soon and get the medical care you need to be healthier and happier.
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    Get better soon!
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    well wishes for you.

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    Didn't realise how tough the last couple of weeks have been. Even on the other side of the planet you have fans.

    Take care Becky.

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    Feel better and good luck getting home soon, we are all pulling for you!


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