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Thread: possible bedsore

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    possible bedsore

    My wife and I have been keeping an eye on a red spot that has been developing below and to the left of my tailbone where my leg meets the buttoucks. The spot does blanch sometimes and it has harden to touch. I sit on a chuck on a straight sling seat and the main reason this is because it's hard to find wheelchairs that can accomadate my 4'6 height and 160 lbs. I need a seat to floor height of 16 and after you add a 2 inch cushion the height is to high and there aren't many chairs available. My main concern is the spot now that it has harden. I recent had a frioend who died from a bedsore and that is my biggest fear.

    My question is this a possible bedsore or just as hard callous spot.

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    Its difficult to say but I would recommend that you try to keep the pressure off as much as you can and monitor it closely. If you sit, make sure you are doing pressure reliefs every 15 minutes and I would limit the amt of sitting on that area.

    You could also massage lotion into the area. If it is hardened skin then this may soften it up.

    It is good it blanches. Observe it daily to see if it changes.
    Is it reddened at all?


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